English Story: The Shoes

in english •  11 months ago

One of Harry's feet was bigger than the other. “I can never find boots and shoes for my feet,” he said to his friend Dick.   

“Why don't you go to a shoemaker?” Dick said. “A good one can make you the right shoes.”   

“I've never been to a shoemaker,” Harry said. “Aren't they very expensive?”

“No,” Dick said, “some of them aren't. There's a good one in our  village, and he's quite cheap. Here's his address.” He wrote something  on a piece of paper and gave it to Harry.

Harry went to the shoemaker in Dick's village a few days later, and the shoemaker made him some shoes.    Harry went to the shop again a week later and looked at the shoes. Then  he said to the shoemaker angrily, “You're a silly man! I said, “Make  one shoe bigger than the other,” but you've made one smaller than the  other!”  

I Think Our Life Is same of This Story...

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