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Hello @lordneroo, I'm looking forward to reading this series. Are you planning to look at projections? I still have a bit of trouble getting my head around the vast number of mapping projections people have come up with for various purposes!


Hello there! :)

I'm more than happy to know you are looking forward to reading this series! We will definitely have a look at projections and discuss the various kinds as well as the maths behind the application and development of cartographic projections. As this is an introductory series regarding Cartography, I will share some general information regarding cartographic projections in my next publication. However I will certainly take things to the next level and start sharing advanced technical information within the next 5- 10 days.

I really hope to see you again in my blog, I'm more than glad if you enjoyed this post!

Have a great day! :)

It's an interesting topic for me because it translates directly to celestial cartography. There are lot of times you need to familiar with different projections, here is a screen cap from Guide 9.0 (the Planetarium program I use for astronomy) to show some of the selections that are available.


So thank you for your post @lorneroo !

Sounds like an interesting software! Oh yeah! By the way why are you using the stereographic projection? Engineers often use this projection in particular in Geotechnical Engineering to determine if it is safe to proceed with technical constructions.

That is a very good question! I do mess with those projections from time to time, particularly if I doing wide angle charts, to see which one gives the best outcome.