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noun: engineering

the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.
a field of study or activity concerned with modification or development in a particular area.
"software engineering"

the action of working artfully to bring something about.
"if not for his shrewd engineering, the election would have been lost"
gerund or present participle: engineering

design and build (a machine or structure).
"the men who engineered the tunnel"
modify (an organism) by manipulating its genetic material.
"genetically engineered plants"

skilfully arrange for (something) to occur.
"she engineered another meeting with him"
synonyms: bring about, cause, arrange, pull off, bring off, fix, set up, plot, scheme, contrive, plan, put together, devise, manoeuvre, manipulate, negotiate, organize, orchestrate, choreograph, mobilize, mount, stage, put on, mastermind, originate, manage, stage-manage, coordinate, control, superintend, direct, conduct, handle, concoct; More
"he engineered the overthrow of the Conservative majority"
Middle English (denoting a designer and constructor of fortifications and weapons; formerly also as ingineer ): in early use from Old French engigneor, from medieval Latin ingeniator, from ingeniare ‘contrive, devise’, from Latin ingenium (see engine); in later use from French ingénieur or Italian ingegnere, also based on Latin ingenium, with the ending influenced by -

  1. All Engineers must Understand that they are genius and must live as one. Grades must not shake you , either you are an ‘A’ student or an ‘F’ student you must stand strong and keep working hard on what you believe in- Engineering !

  2. Engineers must stay focus and love what they were born to do.

  3. Engineering must remember the’KAIZEN’ which is Japanese for improvement, And must continue to work and improve on innovation and technology on a daily basis.

  4. Day and night, they must continue to brainstorm on ideas- mind blowing ideas that will catapult the world to another phase of technological advancement.

  5. Engineers must be good economist managing resources as well as conserving Human Resources.

  6. For an engineer or an engineering student ,if you must care about fashion then care. But don’t let fashion affect your work.

  7. What about the food we eat? Food is a very important aspect of our life because what we eat definitely reflect on our body and affects the way we think and act. If you eat healthily, you will live a strong and healthy life.

  8. What about our environment ? If you reside in an environment that is polluted, Then you have to find your way out of there to a better place or rather think of a way to solve the environmental problem in such an area. Engineers are geniuses and must think out ways to solve humanity challenges.

  9. What about our religious belief? No one can disregard the impact of religion in the life of an individual. It is either they are positively affected or negatively affected. Religion : Moslem, Christian, Buddhist all operate on a core value that must be respected, because a break in value is a break in sanity.

  10. What about our relationship and Marital life , Over time some engineers have done better when their spouse or girlfriend are around them, because their girlfriend or boyfriend has been their greatest source of inspiration. But if you notice that your spouse , boyfriend or girlfriend is a distraction to you then schedule a time for them. Have a specific time set aside for different things.

  11. What about our time for relaxation and leisure? Every diligent engineer is a rich person. And so, with the money we earn and properly managed,we should use some to visit our favorite place.

  12. For an engineer, does the money we earn really matter? YES! The money we earn matters a lot because most of us have family members we are responsible for. That we must love,Care and Support. So, apart from your weekly or monthly salary, make an invention , Patent it or sell your business plans in unit or sell it in whole. Let your idea turn into thousands and thousands into millions and millions into billions and billions into trillions . EUREKA!

  13. Engineers and their health, Health equals wealth. If you are to be be wealthy, then you must be healthy. If you are not healthy, then you can’t perform to your maximum which is very important for all engineers.As an engineer or an engineering student, I is important that you choose the sport you love and participate in it giving your all. Better little efforts, bores little result and great effort bores great result. Exercising help you stay healthy. This should be a culture that we must pass unto our generation.

  14. Engineers on retirement . should an engineer or an engineering student retire? Why get into engineering in the first place having retirement at your back? ENGINEERS DON’T RETIRE. When we grow old, we keep working bringing out new ideas to change our world making it a better place. Our ideas are transcended to younger mind . We don’t retire. And our companies to our children or to those who has proven to be capable of managing it.

  15. This is for our engineering Student : when studies seems hard that only opens our mind to something bigger , it brings us into a realm of endless possibilities, it help us with more ideas to change our world, we become even more smarter, Stronger and wiser. Challenges does not kill us as engineers, Challenges make us. We have to follow one course until success -F -O -C -U -S . For remember that success is not a day job it is for eternity. Albert Einstein did not become a genius in physics because he was born to be a physicist. But because he was born and bred . He stayed focus on that course and there he is today after he passed away, He is still been remembered for his works. That is what I am talking about, Our works lives on . When we die, our work does not. MASTERY HELPS BRINGS OUT THE GENIUS IN YOU. Make use of your 10,000 hours . Study, Create, Innovate even as we bless our World. If we spend 15 mins on a project and we see no result, add 30 mins, still no result, add 1hr, still no result, add 30 mins again ,still no result, add another one hour, still no result do it for 5hrs still no result , sleep on the spot, still no result then sleep again . If you don’t get the answer to that problem in real life, you will get it in your dream divinely inspired by GOD.

  16. Engineering and team work- Engineers work as team. This should be a culture right from the university, we must WORK AS A TEAM. Remember, United we stand, divided we fall. One Engineering, One Engineer.

  17. Is it Over For An Engineer that has lost a hand or both hand or a leg or both legs? NO
    Engineering starts from the mind and then goes to the work. Engineering is bigger that most person can see.

                         A MUST READ

This is a very important note for all my engineering student and engineers
Let me shock you to say that some person live in Steemit, They sleep and wake up on Steemit. It is their life, it is their job. So as engineers, If we must be great then we have to sleep and wake up on our jobs and work and if you haven’t got to that level, Then YOU ARE YET TO START.

-Cs. Oyinkro Christian Owoupele
Gas Engineer And A Musician

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Great post @Oyinkro

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