Getting High at Work

in engineering •  3 months ago


Caught a couple of people working on the hydro power line relocations today. Looks a lot like a complicated and expensive (and dangerous) game of operation. Always more to it than you'd expect.

Today has been an incredible example of how many people of different disciplines it takes to pull a construction project together. The best thing you can learn in school is how to communicate effectively and work with others.

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Would it be too annoying to ask what's going on here? The two people in the cherry picker are unhooking the power lines? What is the other crane doing? Do they get a shock if they get it wrong, just like in Operation?


Hahaha. You can't tell!?!?

It's actually super hard to see what's happening. Prepare to be diagrammed and overwhelmed with unimportant and project specific information:

The wooden pole on the left is actually an 'emergency repair pole' that was installed because the existing one was leaning like a bastard:

Currently, that leaning pole has be mostly trimmed off and 'frankensteined' to the emergency repair pole:

Something like this

The guys in the cherry picker are attaching the power lines to a NEW pole, which was required because of the new sidewalk & road construction we're doing in the region. The crane on the left side of the image is temporarily holding the power lines up and above of the new pole being installed so the guys in the cherry picker can attach it all together -- at which time the crane will let go, and the lines will start sagging on that end.

(in regards to getting shocked if they do it wrong -- I'm not 100% certain, but I'd say they probably would... They appear to be working VERY carefully, and are wearing some big rubber gloves. At least there are no transformers on this one -- those things are scary).


WHOA! Is this the greatest comment-reply in the history of Steem?


Yes it is.

Ah, awesome! So I guess they're doing all of this while the electricity is flowing through those lines... that's mental! What a bunch of legends!

There is an important life lesson in here for everyone.... stand up straight, do your job properly and you might just get to keep your original legs.

I got high at work once... It did NOT work out well for the dolphin.

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