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The thing that always amazed me with cartography consists in the techniques used to represent in a 2D way a 3D spherical object. And then of course when on starts having a look to the different maps of the globe.

By curiosity, which degree(s) do you need to become a cartographist?


Hey @lemouth, thanks for dropping by! :)

Engineers use cartographic projections which are methods of representing 3D objects in a 2D way by utilizing mathematical formulas and basic Geometry knowledge. There are many ways to depict a spherical object on a 2D surface using various cartographic projections which have been developed based on different geometric shapes, thus creating entirely different maps of the very same geographic entity. I will elaborate on the way this process works in one of my next posts.

A Diploma (M.E. / Master of Engineering Degree) in Rural & Surveying Engineering is necessary in order to become a Cartographer.

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Cool! I am looking forward to read the next posts ^^