How much labor and material needs for reinforced concrete floor plate work?

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Greetings, how are you steemit friends? Nice to meet you again. After my discussion on the previous post regarding the calculation of labor and material requirements on the work of mountain rock foundations, sloof reinforced concrete and brick walls it is appropriate that I continue to discuss the next work.

Today I will not discuss about the calculation of the need for the work of reinforced concrete columns or reinforced concrete beams because most of the work is almost the same as the calculation of reinforced concrete sloof, the fundamental difference in the three items is limited to the cross-sectional area, the number and diameter of the iron, type planned concrete, and on formwork work.

The work that gets my attention today is the work of a reinforced concrete floor plate, this floor plate is on the 2nd floor onwards as well as the roof that uses a reinforced concrete plate.

The calculation of labor and material requirements on the work of reinforced concrete floor plates is just an example and these calculations can be used if needed by anyone, hopefully useful.

This reinforced concrete floor plate has a function as a floor on a building more than one floor, but in many-storey buildings such as buildings that have more than five floors no longer use methods and materials such as reinforced concrete floor plates usually on two- or more-storey houses

In traditional house building, reinforced concrete floor plate has not been used considering the abundance of wood used as building material. In accordance with the development of the age of the use of wood materials ultimately considered expensive and complicated treatment so that reinforced concrete becomes a cheaper option.

We will plot a reinforced concrete floor plate with dimensions of 4.00 m x 2.00 m x 0.12 m and use a double layer Ø12 - 150 steel reinforcement.

In the work of reinforced concrete floor plate there are several items that we must count

  1. Concrete work (K-225)
  2. Occupation work
  3. Works formwork

The picture below is a drawing plan that we will count

Plan plan of reinforced concrete floor plate, I ( @kharrazi ) use autoCAD application

Cross section A - A reinforced concrete floor plate, I ( @kharrazi) use the autoCAD application

Detail of reinforced concrete floor plate, I ( @kharrazi )use autoCAD application


a. Concrete work (K-225)

In accordance with the volume calculation then the formula to solve it is
Length x width x height = m3
8.00 m x 2.00 m x 0.12 m = 1.92 m3

b. Occupation work

Is known :

Plain coefficient of iron0.00616225 x Iron diameter ^ 2
Iron diameterØ 12
Count of iron / m0.00616225 x Ø 12 ^ 2 = 0.887364 Kg / m
Length of horizontal iron iron(0,08 + 7,94 + 0,08) x2 = 16,24 m
Iron vertical iron length(0.08 + 1.94 + 0.08) x2 = 4.24 m
Number of horizontal iron((8,00 / 0,15) + 1 = 54,33 Units
Vertical Iron Count((2.00 / 0.15) + 1 = 44.33 Units
The total length of iron943,1467 m
Total Weight total Iron0.887364 Kg / m x 943,1467 m = 836,9144 Kg

c. Works Formwork

At formwork work we will calculate the bottom formwork and per side of concrete

Bottom area 8.00 x 2.0016.00 m2
Concrete side 0.14 x 20.002.80 m2
Total Amount18.80 m2


I will use the Indonesian National Standard Analysis to complete the calculation of reinforced concrete floor plate work.
a. Concrete work (K-225)
To complete 1 m3 of K-225 concrete work is required:

Worker1,650 People Per Day
Stonemason0.275 People Per Day
Foreman0,028 People Per Day
Overseer0.083 Person Per Day
Portland Cement371,000 Kg
Concrete Sand698,000 Kg
Pebbles Net1,047,000 Kg
Water215 Liter

In accordance with the calculation of the volume above then we will find out how many needs are needed with a volume of 1.920 m3

Workers1,650 Person Per Day x 1,920 m33,168 Person
Stonmason0.275 Person Per Day x 1,920 m30.528 Person
Foreman0,028 Person Per Day x 1,920 m30.054 Person
Overseer0,083 Person Per Day x 1,920 m30,159 Person
Portland Cement371,000 Kg x 1,920 m3712,320 Kg
Concrete Sand698,000 Kg x 1,920 m31,340,160 Kg
Pebbles Net1,047,000 Kg x 1,920 m32,010,240 Kg
Water Supply215 Liter x 1,920 m3412,800 Liter

b. Occupation work
To complete 1 Kg of plain concrete iron work is required:

Worker0,0070 People Per Day
Blacksmith0,0070 People Per Day
Foreman0.0007 People Per Day
Overseer0.0004 People Per Day
Iron Concrete Plain1.0500 Kg
Concrete Wire0.0150 Kg

In accordance with the calculation of the volume above then we will find out how many needs are needed with the volume 836.9144 Kg

Worker0,0070 People Per Day x 836,91445,8584 People
Blacksmith0,0070 People Per Day x 836,91445,8584 People
Foreman0.0007 People Per Day x 836,91440,5858 People
Overseer0.0004 Person Per Day x 836,91440,3348 People
Iron Concrete Plain1.0500 Kg x 836,9144878,7601 Kg
Concrete Wire0.0150 Kg x 836,914412,5537 Kg

c. Works Formwork
To complete 1 m2 of floor formwork work is required:

Worker0.660 Person Per Day
Carpenter0.330 Person Per Day
Foreman0.033 Person Per Day
Overseer0,033 Person Per Day
Wood Klass III0.040 m3
Ordinary nail0.400 Kg
Oil Formwork0,200 m3
Wood Klass II0.150 m3
Multiplex 9 mm0,350 Sheet
Dolken Wood Ø 8 - 10, length 4,00 m6,000 Trunk

In accordance with the above calculation then we will find out how many needs are needed on the work of floor plate formwork

Worker0.660 Person Per Day x 18.80 m212,408 Person
Carpenter0.330 Person Per Day x 18.80 m26,204 Person
Foreman0,033 Person Per Day x 18.80 m20,620 Person
Overseer0,033 Person Per Day x 18,80 m20,630 Person
Wood Klass III0.040 m3 x 18.80 m20.752 m3
Ordinary nails0.400 Kg x 18.80 m27,520 Kg
Oil Formwork0,200 Liter x 18,80 m23,760 Liter
Wood Klass II0.150 m3 x 18.80 m20.282 m3
Multiplex 9 mm0,350 Sheet x 18,80 m26,580 Sheet
Dolken Wood Ø 8 - 10, length 4,00 m6,000 Trunk x 18,80 m2112,800 Trunk


In accordance with technical calculations using the analysis of Indonesian National Standard then to complete the work of reinforced concrete floor plate in accordance with the above mentioned specifications it is required

Workers21,434 Person
Stonmason,Blacksmith & Carpenter12,590 Person
Foreman1,260 Person
Overseer1,115 Person
Portland Cement712,320 Kg
Concrete Sand1.340,160 Kg
Gravel2,010,240 Kg
Water412,800 Liter
Iron Concrete Plain878,760 Kg
Concrete Wire12,554 Kg
Wood Klass III0.752 m3
Ordinary nail7,520 Kg
Oil Formwork3,760
Wood Klass II0.282 m3
Multiplex 9 mm6,580 Sheet
Wooden Dolken112,800 Trunk

This calculation is only a case example for young engineers and lay people to understand easily, these forms of calculation can be used properly by anyone and can continue to grow in accordance with the needs of the times.

This is all I can write on this occasion, for all the lack of writing as a servant of God I apologize.
Thank you to friends who have visited this blog and to all the actors of science who are willing to sacrifice energy, mind and time for the advancement of human civilization.

source: Technical analysis

Image Source:

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Best regards @kharrazi


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