ARES - Autonomous Research and Engineering Society

What is ARES about?

ARES provides a forum for discussion of research and engineering, enabling problem solving through technology

  • Connecting with likeminded technologists into work groups.
  • Tackling technical problems in these small groups.
  • Allow different groups to overcome similar problems (legal, distribution, marketing, sales).
  • Be free to discuss and share ideas, but: IDEAS HAVE NO VALUE.
  • Transform ideas into inventions, inventions into products and products into a business.
    Do this to build value and solve problems.

What to do:

  • Join ARES and its discussions
  • find what problem interests you the most
  • team up with other specialists around this problem
  • do the research and build a product
  • find out how to build and distribute the product to as many people as possible
  • share your experiences with the other groups
  • use eventual profits to solve bigger and more complex problems

Solve Problems trough technology and care about distributing your solution to as many people as possible.

Make the solution easy and reliable.

Whatever you do: produce value. Finally the value is measured in money.
Money is a tool used to fuel your passion and to allow you to solve bigger, complex and more problems.

Don't be in this for money. Money without purpose is just a hollow and addicting substance. Purpose will fill you out. Don't earn money because you can't be poor.

The value of your work is reflected in the money you make, which itself is showing how many and how big the problems are that you solve.

Hierarchy through qualification

Track qualification through production and documentation.
No certificates, titles needed.
Show - don't tell.
Display your abilities and improve trough practice and teaching.
Like a machine, a person is most efficient and fulfilled when he is following his purpose.
Be Effective and Efficient. Find out your strengths, passion, what you enjoy and what others need.
Don't make Plans - Follow a strategy. Plans stop you from doing and finding out if your plan works.

Solve Problems with technology

Let others do their thing
Do what is needed to protect you and your project.
Practice self-reliance so that you aren't a burden and that you can support others.
The whole depends on you being the best you can be. So take care of yourself FIRST.
Nobody knows what you need better than you.

Be ambitious but also patient

You set the limits to what you can do.
Take your problem and break it down into smaller, easily solvable problems.
Solve one problem after another and adapt on the go.
Make the steps as big as you can risk to fail.

Problems are not solved after distribution of the products

Problems aren't solved by ideas or inventions.
Technology is manifested problem solving.
So build products that make the user forget that the problem even existed.

Tesla was a genius, but how many people benefited from his inventions? Edison "only" invented the light bulb, but marketed it to thousands of people. He even financed Tesla for some time.

Don't stop after inventing: Hand the idea over!

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