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Let's also not forget that the cartographic methods and techniques used are theoretically identical, even in cases where maps of the same geographic entity look totally different due to their initial design of serving different purposes.

Putting a 3D sperical earth on a 2D surface is quite a hectic job..! 💪

Ur quote about the cartographic methods reminded me of a general issue of "Mercator projection".

The most popular format of the world map we see today visualize "Greenland" bigger than "Australia" in amount of land area. But in practical, "Australia" is much bigger...!😃

Anyways, a good informative article..! 👌

Looking forward to the next issue...! 🤞

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The thing is that distortion regarding distances gets larger as we move away from the Equator and towards the Poles, mainly due to the projection's reference parallel. Distances on the map might look different, however if you do take a look at the map scale you will realize that it's just a graphical distortion that is proportional to a point's distance from the Equator. Map squares might look bigger as we move towards the Poles, however they do cover the exact same amount of surface area.

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yes, i agree that mapping the spherical surface needs special notations on certain part..! 👍
thanks for clarifying the issue...! 🙌
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