5 Types of programmers (humour)

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There are many diversities of programmers in this world, but I do not mean those who branch out to dedicate themselves to programming Web pages and others in applications for mobile devices, but to those stereotypes that are infiltrated in all the branches of the Programming and here I come to share the 5 most highlight in the world of programming and if you're a computer you may feel identified with any of them.

5 Types of programmers:

He who always protests:


For this type of programmers there is never any good, his way of seeing the customer is never right, always complains about everything and constantly says he will change company but never does.

The Nogram:


This is one of the guys who never wants to volunteer in any kind of work, whether it be a sharing, living with a face of bitter as if he hated human existence or even his own existence. The most typical phrases are:

"I don't think I can do "
"I won't be able to attend the meeting "
"I don't think that's the way it is in the documentation "
"No, that's not part of my job "

If you feel identified, you may be a nographer and you don't like to work as a team.

The time programmer:


Maybe I know a lot of these or even you're a time programmer... Basically they have the chronology of the hours and days of the week about what they have to do in every lapse of time in order to do a bit of everything and to give them time, but they always forget to schedule a little time to get out of enjoy and have something of VI Da Social.

The Ninja Programmer:


The programmer who all want and wish to have more than one in your company, but that the envious programmers would hate forever, when you least expect it ends what you asked in a record time, is always willing to help others with the simple fact of PR Obar who knows a lot, even having his free time as taking work for your home without any kind of problem, the typical if a problem arises says "in 5 minutes I solve it" without doubt one of the favorites of all.

Go horse Man, or the end:


It is the typical programmer who always goes on the go leaving everything for last minute but manages to deliver in time, of that type of programmers that does things completely otherwise but by magic work, never reads the documentation before performing or Understand a project and usually is always lost, that if logic defies your security all the time

"Yes (2 = = 2) {
Print ( "If it is a 2 ");

The truth is that there is not much to do for them, just understand and love them as they are...

Well and this is the 5 types of programmers that are most often seen in the work environment and if you do not know any of them maybe you are your that type of programmer and still not have noticed.

I hope you liked it and if you feel identified with any of them let me know in a comment.


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