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Thanks for dropping by! I highly doubt that people who design computer games are Cartographers, mainly due to the fact that those Engineers basically create nonexistent geographic entities. Maps used in video games are not accurate depictions of actual real-world surfaces; even in cases where a map resembles small or large areas that exist in reality, there's absolutely no demand for precision as no measurements nor technical constructions are taking place whatsoever. Some basic principles of Cartography are definitely followed though, especially regarding the creation of map memo boards and the use of symbols. But no precision regarding Geometry means no Cartography!

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Thanks. I just basically thought maybe they have consultants, or they do independent research, same way they do historical research to make a game in Total War, say (which also uses actual world maps, unlike Civ games). These companies have big money so I thought maybe it's not beyond the realm of possibility that the employ pros to do that kind of stuff, or at least check for accuracy.

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I totally get what you're saying and since I'm no gaming expert I suppose there might be cases where game maps resemble actual geographic entities. Keep in mind that nowadays services like Google Earth provide users with the ability to collect spatial information and create mappings with satisfactory accuracy for such purposes. That said I certainly do believe that such companies could hire pros to do the job; I just don't think they would have to employ any Rural & Surveying or Civil Engineers. Of course I could be wrong, it just seems unecessary to me. However, I'd be glad to know that I'm eligible to work in gaming companies as well!

Makes sense.

Btw, are you a native speaker of English? Your references say 'Greek' but your English is too perfect!

Thanks for your kind words! I'm actually Greek which basically means English is my second language! I really appreciate that, thanks!