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If you have been familiar with the hardwood flooring, it might be common to know the term of engineered hardwood flooring. But if you are a new comer, then you should stay with us for not more than ten minutes to explore more about this kind of flooring.

Basically, there are two kinds of hardwood flooring available on the market. Those are solid hardwood flooring and engineered hardwood flooring. In this article, we are going to specifically share the information from HomesPure which is all about engineered hardwood floorings, from its characteristics and appearance to its performance and types.

Engineered hardwood flooring is a type of hardwood flooring that looks similar on the surface of solid hardwood. The difference is laying on the layer. Engineered hardwood is composed of thin layer bonded over a substrate of a plywood which is high in quality. Engineered hardwood is relatively less expensive than the solid hardwood. Luckily, the engineered hardwood can be easily sanded and refinished once only because of the thin layer of the surface.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Characteristics

Engineered hardwood flooring has its own characteristics, making it be a versatile and resilient option to use throughout the home. Constructed from the genuine wood, this engineered hardwood flooring gives special warmth to any spaces of the house.

Engineered hardwood flooring is basically constructed from multiply layers. There are typically three to five plywood layers constructed the engineered hardwood to form a plank. Due to this construction, engineered hardwood plank is stable.

Engineered hardwood flooring can be a good alternative to solid hardwood when it comes to price. This means that you can just pick up the engineered hardwood when you cannot afford solid hardwood. It is due to the fact that engineered hardwood is less expensive compared to the solid hardwood. However, you must accept that engineered hardwood potentially develop some issues dealing with the hardwood floors. For example, engineered hardwood cannot stand for room with the high humidity or moisture. So when it is experiencing wet or extreme temperature, it will get damaged.

However, it is produced by the manufacturers completed by a lifetime warranty, allowing you to get the guarantees to cover not only the construction defects but also the surface layer defects.

Best Engineered Hardwood Flooring Brands

There are always a plenty of the best and reputable engineered hardwood flooring provided by the manufacturers. If you have made your decision of purchasing engineered hardwood flooring and installing it, here are the best engineered hardwood flooring brands to consider:

Hurst Hardwood

Hurst hardwood offers not only unfinished but also prefinished engineered hardwood flooring which comes in a variety of styles and sizes. Out of the large number of options, Tigerwood and Brazilian Teak are the most widely chosen of wood species.

Hurst hardwood retailers are trustable. According to the customer’s review, Hurst hardwood is very much satisfying. Furthermore, Hurst hardwood offers the competitive price between $3,00 and $6,00 per square foot. Hurst hardwood provide the customers with the 30-year warranty on their engineered hardwood products especially for residential installation.

Tesoro Hardwood

If you are looking for an eco-friendly engineered hardwood flooring, Tesoro Hardwood is the best considerable one. Tesoro is the company producing the engineered hardwood which is living green along with FSC certified and zero VOC products. They fit the environment well. This eco-friendly feature also uses recycled wood derived from the old building as well as industrial waste to produce a high quality engineered hardwood plank.

There are a wide selections of colors and tones provided by Tesoro company to match any home styles. Its price is noted to be approximately $6,00 to $8,00 per square foot.

Hosking Hardwood

So you have an old house to improve, then let Hosking hardwood comes into play. Basically, Hosking provides not only solid hardwood but also engineered one constructed to form a high quality hardwood flooring.

Hosking hardwood began its engineered hardwood sale since 1932 and innovatively continue producing the engineered hardwood, proving that it can compete with the today’s market. Hosking company began to offers the products online at 1997.

Somerset Hardwood Flooring

Somerset began selling its product of engineered hardwood since 20 years ago, offering not only an engineered hardwood flooring but also solid hardwood flooring. There are a wide variety of engineered hardwood along with the various colors, patterns and textures.

All of Somerset hardwood products are produced in USA but they are sold through the distributor. The price is offered from $5,00 to $6,00 per square foot. In addition to Somerset hardwood flooring, the company offers the thickest engineered flooring along with the lifetime guarantee.

How to Clean Engineered Hardwood Floors

How to clean engineered hardwood floors much deals with the maintenance which is noticeably not easy. Solid hardwood as well as other laminate hardwood flooring may be featuring easy or low maintenance, but not the engineered hardwood flooring. This way, Engineered hardwood flooring has a bit harder maintenance than the solid hardwood flooring.

For daily regular cleaning, vacuuming or sweeping the floors are not enough to get rid of the dust. Use the hardwood vacuum to clean the floor. Don’t use a chemical which is dangerous to the floor. Be careful about the cleaning product. Heavy oil can be very detrimental to the topcoat of the floor.

Don’t use water to clean the engineered hardwood flooring since it will cause the floors to get damaged and the bacteria will grow. Use only the microfiber mop along with the chemicals which are suitable for the floors type and surface.

Cost to Install Engineered Hardwood Floors

Have you already known the cost to install the engineered hardwood floors? If you are new to flooring, take a note that installing the engineered hardwood floors depend on what types of the engineered hardwood flooring you have chosen for your house flooring.

Before we go to the installation cost of engineered hardwood floors, it is also important to check out the price of the engineered hardwood flooring. The cheapest engineered hardwood flooring can be $2,00 to $3,00 per square foot while the mid-range product can cost $4,00 to $6,00 per square foot. However, if you are about considering the quality, you can pick up the one with $7,00 to $12,00 per square foot for a high-end flooring. It may be expensive but it can be cost-effective in the long term.

After choosing the preferred engineered hardwood flooring, the next thing to know is the cost of installation. Typically, the installation cost depends much on where you live. The general installation cost that you can expect from the experts you are hiring is around $4,00 to $10,00 per square foot. But if your expert or contractor prefers the hourly wages, you must prepare to pay $30,000 per hour and up. This cost may not include the extras such as disposal or demolition. To get the fixed cost to install engineered hardwood flooring, you had better negotiate the cost with the expert you are hiring before starting the works.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Pros and Cons

When it comes to choose engineered hardwood flooring, finding the pros and cons just before picking up the product into the cart is very much important to ensure you whether a product is favorable.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Pros

There are some reasons why people tend to choose engineered hardwood flooring and love it for the next home improvement. Engineered hardwood flooring can easily be installed over concrete. It has also multiple installation methods that you can choose suiting your skills and types of the hardwood.

Engineered hardwood flooring is also less sensitive to humidity and moisture, making it good to install in the seemingly wet areas. It is also resistant to stain.

It is compatible with the radiant heating system, allowing you to feel warm in the morning when you are just stepping on the flooring. This is one of the features that most people like. Furthermore, the engineered hardwood solid is a trend-proof. Investing this kind of flooring is just a good idea since it will never be out of styles. If the color may not be stylish anymore, the material keeps in trend.

What’s more?

Well, engineered hardwood flooring can be refinished two or three times though it may lead to the less durability of the flooring. So far, people enjoy refinishing the floors.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring Cons

There are also some reasons why people do not like engineered hardwood flooring. In fact, this kind of flooring can fade, making it worn out of the colors and styles. It is also susceptible to dents and scratches compared to the solid hardwood. Due to the low quality core construction and thin veneer, engineered hardwood is less durable. Engineered hardwood flooring has also still high maintenance, making you takes more time and energy to maintain it.

Final Words

Now that you know more about the engineered hardwood flooring, you can make your own consideration and decision whether to pick it up or not for your home flooring. Make sure you gain more reasons why people like and dislike this flooring since it shows whether the flooring is good or not.


Thanks for providing such interesting and useful information. Not a long time ago I finished the renovation of my flat and can say that it was the most uncomplicated process. Luckily, nowadays there are many helpful resources, like the hardwoodflooring.club, where I found a lot of information about flooring. One article there helped me to choose the best flooring type for my place.

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