That new calculator feeling

in engineer •  8 months ago


This is going to be a nerd moment to the max because the last time I had a brand new calculator was back in college when I bought my first non graphing calculator after high school. I own this one purely because I needed a backup for my recent professional engineering exam. As expected, I didn't need it because calculators are probably one of the most reliable pieces of tech ever built.

But I needed one for a recent calculation I had to perform at home and any engineer will tell you, the calculator on your phone just aint the same!

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Infact computer is my life if I say I becom for computer

Even non engineers! ;) using an old school calculator is sexy. The phone is convenient but pushing an actual button is nicer.

Scientific calculators are very useful, they can perform solve various algebraic problems. Which model do you have?


They are very useful indeed...I have a casio FX series.

Hahaha I had the exact same feeling just a few weeks ago! :D
My new calculator is made of carbon fiber :D <3