Do You Write Code or High-Quality Code?

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Coding. The recently one of the most common thing in life. Almost every computer-using jobs require decent coding skills. Everybody develops a brand new software or trying to keep maintained. But behind of that software… Is it really good?

Before the mention that we need to talk about a definition. What is the high-quality code?

There is no measurement for code’s quality. Because every project has different dependencies and requirements. For this reason, we can’t compare two codes and we couldn’t say “Yes! This one has higher quality”. No.

For example, if there are two company which need exact same software. But Company A has way more client than Company B. But Company B is a high-end company which delivers the fastest services to their clients.

In this occasion Company A’s software has to be data optimization or even comparison to save storage from their servers. Even though Company B’s software must be more lightweight and less runtime.

In that case, could we say Company A’ software has higher quality than Company B’s ? Definitely not.

As you can imagine, the code’s quality depends on their requirements and conditions of their own. So how we can measure this quality?

The answer is in the question. Compare to themselves.
If a maintenance of code’s result is delivered more requirements with less effort or fewer resources, in another word more efficient, this is the quality improvement.

This is why maintenance of software is as important as release project. A maintenance doesn’t have to include new features. If software could do the same things with fewer resources or more things with the same resources then this is the quality improvement.

What is resources improvement?

Almost everything. If a button’s location change brings along easier use to end-user that will be resources improvement too.

You must never forget. End-user’s patient to uses a software is resource. Developers’ duty is manage those resources with optimal way.

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