Home mouthwash Grandmother's recipe.

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Hello dear friends, in this opportunity I want to share with you a recipe for a natural mouthwash that we can do in our homes, and yesterday talking to my aunt, how difficult and expensive it has become to get mouth rinses in our country , because my aunt has shared this recipe that my grandmother used to make her rinse.



  • 30g of sweet anise.
  • 8g of cinnamon powder.
  • 8g of sweet brads.
  • 1cc of mint essence.
  • 850ml brandy.


Its preparation is very easy, you only have to crush the anise, the cinnamon and the clavitos, once crushed it is allowed to marinate the same with the essence of mint in the brandy, during 10 days. After 10 days filter it and place it in a glass container.

To use it, dissolve some drops of this preparation in a glass of warm water and swish daily. You will see how it refreshes your mouth and breath and in turn fortifies your gum. I hope you liked this post and be of great help to you, in these times of crisis.

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