Steemit Update [ April 4th, 2022 ] : Steemit Engagement Challenge - Applications Invited

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One of the most important parts of the Steemit platform is engagement.

We want people to post more and we want people to comment more.

To help promote both of these we are launching the Steemit Engagement Challenge.

This will be a month long challenge where people who post the most, and comment the most, will be rewarded.

Of course the posts should also be of good quality, and the comments should be meaningful and relevant.

For the first round in May we are looking for six Communities who would like to take part and help develop and refine the Challenge.

How Communities can Apply

Each Challenge will last one month. For the first Engagement Challenge in May we are looking for six Communities to take part.

The Communities should be well established, with a good, active team of Admins and Mods, and an actively growing community curation account.

We are looking for Communities who already check and comment on every post in their community. Particularly those that check for plagiarism, bot-use, steem-exclusivity, club status etc.

All the Admins and Mods should be following at least #club5050.

The Communities can be country communities, subject specific communities or general communities.

The selected communities will receive increased voting from @steemcurator01 and @steemcurator02, and weekly and monthly Challenge winners will receive extra prize votes from @steemcurator01.

Communities chosen for the Challenge will be expected to run regular, at least weekly, contests through their community account, and also be willing to check and comment on every post in their community.
To apply to join the Challenge, the Community Founder, Admin or Lead Moderator should make an application post including…

  • the purpose of their community
  • a brief history of their community
  • a list of all Founders, Administrators and Moderators including their #club status
  • details of their community curation account, how it is being built up and who holds the keys
  • details of the community’s current policy for checking and commenting on posts
  • details of how the community helps members improve the quality of their posts
  • reasons why their community should be selected for the Challenge.

The post should also contain the contact details (Telegram/Discord) of at least two lead people in the community team.

Posts should be submitted by 11.59pm UTC, on Sunday, April 17th, 2022.

The application posts should include the tag #engagementapplication in the first four tags.

We are looking forward to reading all your applications.

This is an exciting new Challenge to help build engagement on the platform.

We hope as many people as possible will take part.

Thank you

The Steemit Team


I have been an active member of Steemit since July 2016. I'm one of the first community leaders who created a community.
We need Universal Basic Income on this platform.
People cannot work for free.
Please engage with this issue!
All your replies are welcome.

hello @donatello, it is true that the creations of good content have decreased over time I've been a little over 1 year and several months in steemit, I am ING mechanical, I am dedicated to the creation of content currently in networks, what you say is true you should give big votes to several post give small vote to more post.

I want to say several things that I have seen and really discourage me to continue creating content but the desire is so great that I make content almost every day without getting votes then I wonder several things.

1: Do these communities really value the effort of each one in making these creations without plagiarism, originals and high quality?

2: I see very poor posts or creations with high votes and always the same people so I wonder what these people have in common.

3: the curators administrators are really doing a proper content hunting ? or there is only a monopoly in the ecosystem ? then I say to myself. i must find the answers. but nobody gives them.

4: the user who is just starting out is given 0 importance, that is to say a user like me nobody will pay attention to me and everything important that is said here is lost.

these are the 4 important characteristics that should be taken into account in the community so that it can grow and prosper because if you do not support the creator of high quality content is like not buying raw material for a conventional business as profits are obtained if there is no quality raw material?

Then everyone will go to the other business if you have to expand your mind to see beyond what you really want here and make good decisions about everything that happens here.

There really are very good communities that can be self-sustaining but always supporting the true creator of content for its originality Real and leave the monopoly aside you know what I mean.

by: @laser145 twitter: @cryptovagos. @steemitblog

Thank you for your reply!
You made so many good points and I really would like somebody else to reply.
I spend a lot of time here on Steemit creating dance and music posts. It's something that I would do anyway even without any rewards. The problem is the divisions that have been created in several ways. I'm not going to speak about any of those because it would take me some time and it's not worth it.
Please read, and

Let's go! We can work together! ♥

Smaller upvotes could be given to more members' posts instead of giving bigger upvotes to a few people only.
I'm talking about the curators with plenty of STEEM POWER.

Thank you for replying and hopefully, we'll hear from more people.

You are right. There are many of my post that were not recognized. It demoralizes person spirit.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Thanks, You are welcome.

Please, this is link for my Achievement 3 written since a month ago but yet to verify.

If there is any way you can assist, please do.


I believe that newcomer needs a lot of passion and work.

We support you. Good luck my friend!

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a reply!

Yes, this is a good point. It is important to make this platform inclusive and fair for all. Well done for starting this dialogue.

Great, you know what I mean!

Come on!

Thank you for replying and supporting this comment!

Thank you

Hi @donatello
Great, work hard and grow. Its a good start.

This is engagement, saying what people want to hear about.

Thank you, darling!

Can I work with you ?

I wish I could help you but you need to build your reputation by creating good quality content.

hello, can i work with you?

I'm sorry but I'm not offering a job in my comment.

New member like me need to get some more Steem Power, otherwise its gonna take a long time. :(

Mughe comment and voting nhi keno aati koi btayega ki kse kru

you have to comment by clicking "Reply"

We need more dance and music curators.

Hi.¡¡ I can work with you ?

Great, work hard and grow. Its a good start.

Thank you for replying!

Most welcome boss plz give me support upvote love it

100% agree

Thank you for stopping by!

Go. I love to work

Hey there! I got a chance to read your post as an early user of this platform! Given what you have already seen here, how long does it take to earn $50 if someone can post seven times a week? Because with such knowledge, one can figure out whether things can be scalable here! Peace

There is already a project running for providing the basic income. Since you are an early user, you might have heard about it. @steembasicincome.

Yes. It does not deliver basic income, does it?

It does, but due to value of Steem being low, the shares of @steembasicincome does not fetch much value these days.

Although if you have around 1000 shares, it may get you decent income monthly.

Just perfect. Another amazing opportunity to get this platform growing! Expect our application soon.
Steem On!

It's great to join the Steemit community
I'm a newcomer, although I haven't researched it in depth, I will definitely spend a lot of time looking into it thoroughly. But, at first I was very impressed with the website. It allows us to get closer to each other, understand each other, help each other more in life and moreover, the sharing, who knows what they know to those who don't know. That's a really great idea. Thank you very much, Steemit.

@chriddi - that's what we do anyway in DU... ;-))

Yes, I know... 😇
But in the moment I've no more resources.
So if you feel like applying for Deutsch Unplugged - just go ahead... 😎

This is more a question for the admin or a mod - I couldn't give some of the necessary details. But maybe it could be done in cooperation: I make an application post and mention you within an announcement that the official key data will be added in a comment...? Or: we ask the @moecki?

Da ist wohl doch eher der Admin oder ein Mod gefragt - paar von den erforderlichen Details könnte ich gar nicht angeben. Aber vielleicht ginge das in Kooperation: ich mache einen Bewerbungspost und erwähne Dich innerhalb einer Ankündigung, daß die offiziellen Eckdaten in einem Kommentar hinzugefügt werden...? Oder: wir fragen den @moecki?

Prinzipiell würde ich natürlich unterstützen. Zeitlich muss ich halt sehen, was machbar ist. Im Grunde sind das "Communities of the month" mit i-Tüpfelchen. Vielleicht wäre das auch was für einen Poll mit Abstimmung durch die Mitglieder.
Letztlich müssen wir aber als DU-Team überlegen und entscheiden, denn das Team muss dies (auch bei steigender Zahl von Beiträgen) sicherstellen:

Communities who already check and comment on every post in their community. Particularly those that check for plagiarism, bot-use, steem-exclusivity, club status etc.

Vergesst es erstmal, Moecki und @weisser-rabe - auf jeden Fall für Mai.
Klar entsprechen wir den Anforderungen, das ist bei unserer Mitgliederanzahl aber auch recht einfach. Hier geht es eher um die "Erziehung" größerer Communities. Interessiert beobachten werde ich die Entwicklung dieser Initiative selbstverständlich... ;-) Und ich freue mich sehr, euch, die ihr ebenfalls an der Gesamtentwicklung des Steem und seiner Userschaft interessiert seid und über den Tellerrand unserer kleinen Blase hinausblickt, als vertrauenswürdige und verantwortungsbewusste Partner an meiner Seite zu wissen... :-))

Hm. Bin überfordert. Ob überhaupt und wenn, dann wie, können wir ja nochmal in Ruhe besprechen.

Excelente iniciativa... Hay muchas comunidades que merecen un lugar y destaco la labor de las cuentas comunitarias de Scouts @hive-181136, de Venezolanos Steem @venezolanos, La Comunidad Latina @cotina, WOX @worldofxpilar, Colombia Original @colombiaoriginal.
Les deseo el mayor de los éxitos en estas postulaciones.

La comunidad #scouts dice presente en este reto / desafío.
Estaremos presentando nuestra postulación en los próximos días.
Saludos. SLPS

Cint Mod Fjjrg 1.png

A very important challenge for the growth of the community, we will participate in the program.

As moderator urdu community ll join is best challenge.every member will stay active through this way ...@yousafharoonkhan


Congratulations on this new initiative, it seems to me a very necessary initiative which will generate a very positive psychological impact among all content creators, encouraging greater interaction and, above all, greater effort when creating quality and exclusive content. Congratulations team.

From Steem Travelers we express our full commitment to strengthening the Steemit ecosystem. Also, we find soon with some initiative.

Soon we will present our application, this type of challenge is not new for us. For some time now at Steem Travelers we had a very similar dynamic giving extra support to our content creators who were always on the lookout for the posts, interacting and supporting the rest of our colleagues. Making use of the #travelers-say tag

We hope that this initiative generates the desired impact. We will continue to work hard on it. Making Steemit a great platform full of motivating, enriching comments and above all a pleasant place of coexistence.

Greetings team. ❤️


Es un buen momento para aceptar este desafío con la Comunidad Latina; lugar donde nos estamos esforzando mucho en esta area... ¿Han escuchado ya de @commentina? un curador exclusivo para impulsar la realización de comentarios útiles en la comunidad... Quizas en nuestra postulación resaltemos algunos consejos para que mas comunidades adopten esta estrategia, pues hace falta destinar SP a personas que gastan horas en ayudar a otros, saludos

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