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RE: Steemit Update [ June 13th, 2022 ] : Steemit Engagement Challenge Season 2 - Week 2

This is a very nice contest. Can't wait to participate!

However, I have an ongoing python programming class on this steemit platform, which I introduced to the platform yesterday. And it is free of charge to participate and acquire this trending skills.

The aim of this python programming class on steemit is to teach steemians who are willing to upgrade their technological skills up to a standard.

You can find the python programming classes on my blog @anyiglobal... You as well can attend this course if interested. I promise, you will learn alot!

I also need the support of the steemit team at large to acknowledge my initiative and make this course a success on steemit platform. I want it to reach broader people on steemit so that everyone can learn from this free course. So everyone can please help and resteem every drop of the class on their blog.

Thanks very much I appreciate,


I think it’s very cool that you’re tackling a difficult task and excited to teach people coding through python especially free of charge.

This is a good idea

Thanks bro.

Wow! That is great. Well-done. I hope you learn from you soon.

Thanks you found it helpful! Visit my blogposts everyday to participate fully

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