Why aren't people fully utilizing Musing to boost their engagement? ?

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Musing.io is quite an impressive medium for learning and earning at the same time.
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Now here are some reasons why some steemit users are not fully utilizing musing.io to boost their overall engagement on the block. I'll be using myself as a case study.

Firstly, the musing platform is growing so rapidly such that a former firsthand steemit user doesn't get to catch up with all the subjects of engagement here on musing.

Secondly, there seems to be more answer providers than answer seekers too. That makes it quite competitive for users who aren't able to supply a credible answer just in time..

Another reason for non engagement by some steemit users is the challenge to adapt to a new kind of system where they don't get to choose any topic of content to develop but rather are mandated to supply credible answers to questions provided by others.

At this juncture, I would give you two personal reasons for my inactiveness on musing.io;

One of these is the fact that I am not able to ascertain which question I can comfortably provide answers to. I remember the first time I actually posted my musing answer on my blog, I had to do a lot of research online and then I had some paragraphs that were not(self authored). I did reference the source for each of those paragraphs but low and behold, I got the attention of the cheetah bot and it wasn't a pleasant experience at all. I was moved to delete the post thereby loosing the upvote I received from musing.. It was not cool at all!

Another reason why I'm not fully engaged in musing is that I have to provide the answers to any question on a word editor on my device and not directly on the musing.io website. The last time I actually responded to a question on the site ,somehow, I lost everything I typed and had to begin all over again. Really terrible experience.

In conclusion, the musing platform is quite a fertile ground for new steemians who seek to enjoy meaningful conversations on the block. I hope to improve the time I spend on musing.io as I see it as a ladder to reach for the sky!