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RE: The Curation and Engagement Leagues 🏆

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Hello on this cold Sunday ! @johannpiber you rock man congrats and than the girls !!!!! Yesssss congrats @wakeupkitty and @fitinfun derives you rock to offcourse, great list....... @abh12345 i missed last Sunday i was at sea. But always great to see the list. That said love to see my October numbers :)


Brrr, I'm still hiding under the covers over here.

I hope you had a lovely holiday, a nice time of year to spend time in the sun i'm sure :)

Yes that what the England and Holland weather does ! I had a blast! And Palma was great !!!

Good to hear! I miss the sunshine and hope to escape soon enough :)

Thank you very much @brittandjosie. So, you've had nice holidays in the warm south, but now you are back in the cold and wet north ... and you're back on the list again ... I say it as @dswigle would say: "keep on Steemin" 😉


My condo is like a little cave! Im in Southern California and I think I'm gonna have to go buy a heater today.

Isn’t the temperature 88 every day? 😎