Name? mmh no, but I have a few in mind. I am not building the dapp, I wrote the post for the contest and maybe it will be picked up to create a project about it.

Hi, @charlesx!!
I did asked you that because I am building something very similar to your idea and I'm building it on Telos.

The project itself is called Cards & Tokens and (in summary) its about our new publication format called Crypto Trading Card, which allows users publish content in a trading card format, embeding all kind of contnet. Other users may want to collect copies of those cards to fill albums and compete to win prices and rewards.

But this is a big system made by several modules. One of them is caled Content Cleaners Cats and you can read about them in the whitepaper (which is still in draft).

This module implements something very similar to your idea!!, but instead of focusing only on the veracity of the publications, it tries to categorize the content as much as the categorizer wants (including, among others, the veracity)

Please take a look and join the telegram group



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