Attenuating perspective

in #energy3 years ago

«Today, the sky is nice, maybe it turns gray, but you can appreciate the clarity of the day, the harmony, the song of the birds, the silence and tranquility that there is; I don't know, I'm just seeing the positive. I am in those days where any detail persuades me. Fleetingly, images come to my head that relax me, today, on this day, I want to share that regardless of the circumstances, not seeing only the bad, not everything is always gray, not everything is arduous, although your surroundings are gray, there is always a Color to add to it, a light to find in the midst of the darkness that you create, it's all a matter of changing your perspective and knowing that all your days have something positive to keep, so the memory is dim, but which you can sleep peacefully »


#sky #peace #harmony #persuades

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