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An energy is any great shortage/scarcity or price rise in the supply of energy resource to an economy.we are all familiar with petrol scarcity or price hike most especially in the african country and also the attendant upheavals with fight and struggle at the petrol station![images.jpg](
Energy resource are you to power or move vehincle ,runs industrial machinery , so without energy crisis presence all of this technology would been render useless and it would been be wasting all of time in doing somethingimages (1).jpg
![images (2).jpg](https://steemitimages.com/DQmeLYUd72aaBMUHn96DLwD5nEaaHccgnEM2khKnZUb16tG/images%20(2).jpg
Energy crisis occur due to shortage in supply or increasing demand ,monopoly manipulation of market ,industrial action by unions such as e.g strike by tanker driver ,strike by the refineries engineer,port facilities,vandalisation of pipeline,and also political decisionimages (3).jpg

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