A wrong turn

in energy •  2 years ago

 A wrong turn was taken in Oil Creek Pennsylvania in 1859, or perhaps during the so called Industrial Revolution from 1760 to 1840: the world's population explosion can not be sustained even when birth rates are declining in the developed countries. An infinite growth paradigm on a finite planet will lead back to a population at pre-Industrial Revolution levels, if any at all. People can not pontificate a way out of their environment at this point or any point. The change will be profoundly rapid on the human time scale. Petrochemicals are the base of modern human civilizations and the technologies which eased access to it allowed us to effortlessly drain deposits-the notion that other sources of energy and industrial feed stocks that equal this are simply pie in the sky, at least it seems this way.This is why America will never be great again or why the fight for social justice is futile, as both deny the human as an animal in an environment that has inextricable ties to a denied tangible source of life. The repercussions for the U.S. and World will be terminally profound. 

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