750$ Electric Bill!!

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Any steemers out there mining? I got the first taste of paying a electric bill over 500$ this past month.
3 months ago I bought some gpus and mother boards and built a few miners for my house for the passive income.
This was at the same time as our energy provider plan was over, my gf handled the switch at the time and signed up for the best plan TXU had at the time.

Needless to say TXU hides the oncor delivery fees instead of other companies showing that fee averaged into the overall monthly KWH cost. So for OCT I burned 5500Kw at 13cents a hour. OUCH!!!

Considering a low use plan can be low at 5 cents a month!!!!!
Though all plans in texas above 2000kw have a higher rate, I went with one that got lower the more energy you use. So as long im using more than 2000k a month Ill now only pay 7.1 Cents!!! Nearly half of what TXU was.

I decided to go through energy ogre which is a site that you pay 10$ a month to for them to find the best plan and do all the switching and calling ect. considering how much I use It was worth it for me to let them handle it. Which 7.1 will put my 5500 around 380-400$ a month instead of 750!!!

So check your energy provider and plan when you start adding wattage. a lot of plans if they are geared for low energy use will penalize the hell out of you for going above 2000k

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