Energy diversity with potential state

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The universe is with things and with many things. While the universe is something; energy is energy, while energy is many things it is potential. It's tensions. It is with chunks of tension. Voltage chunks are time.

The initiatives expressed by phrases with numerical states such as 3 and 6 are to be behind with many states in the future. The combination permutation ratios of the chunks to time are the six to three (6/3) ratio and the three to six (3/6 ratio) ratio in this example.

These ratios are relative relational ratios and are compared to each other. There are various kinds of interference such as deficiency-excess, scarcity-many. It is like a 6/3 downhill slope flow with ease when those who engage. Some are transformed with more difficulty or resistance friction, such as the ratio of 3 to 6 (3/6), being uphill.

If the number 3 is an attribute, such as 3=1+1+1 and with a quantity such as 1+2, and the attribute 1 is 1.01; 1.02, 1.03...1.99; 2 and 1.99 + 1.01 = 3. The attribute 1 is an innumerable numeric quantitative state between 1 and 2 towards the number 2. For example, an energy state such as (1,00000023) is quantitative and qualitative, with a choice of hundred millionth or trillionth degree temperature.

Qualities up to innumerable temperatures; are a slope ratio. descent-ascent; over-incomplete; They are in the pressure-pressure potential situation of a comparison situation such as more or less, long-short. Being is a quantitative and qualitative state, but an innumerable stream of innumerable interference states. Every quantity is a quality and every quality is a quantity. These are general and relative situations.

Each quantitative and qualitative case; For example, 1 degree relative to 2 degrees or 2 degrees relative to 1 degree is a special case of insulation. or 1.001; According to 1.002, they attempt to isolate between them with special conservations by combination and permutation relations.


Isolation situations, which are special and temporary conservation, are of certain regularity, given that the environment is very uncertain situations. Every regularity is the potential of an energy order. The partial situation reflection of each quantitative-qualitative situation creates the ability and opportunity.

The pressure and pressure arising from the quantitative and qualitative situations of the environment with the uncertain, isolation by being a selection relation and selection isolation of the environment to the special situation; It is a response to environmental influence. A response to the environment; is to reflect the reflection of the environment back with the reaction.

In this case, each insulation is a capacity. Each capacity contains a combination of quantitative qualitative states, a synthesis of fragmented (with the ability) occurrences. Inclusions are a scope. Every inclusion is what is contained in that capacity. Capacity is a limited container.

There was a variety of capacity and insulation as much as the variety of energy with potential state. Openness to manifestations such as what kind of potential situation an isolation situation will be suitable for and what kind of interference it will be encoded in is an ambiguous ability.

The ability here is to engage in exponential states of post-formation integrity, such as the body, a construction like a collective formation. If not, it is not the engagement of individual parts until construction.

Actions to be taken in a potential situation with uncertainty; The layout control center is therefore a center of gravity, therefore the heap center is the axis of the cycle.

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