The Sun Exchange – Creating Solar Microgrids in Africa

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Sort of anarchocapitalistic vision becoming reality


Cryptocurrencies are empowering masses greatly. Those that wouldn’t be able to invest in the FIAT ecosystem are still finding their place in the crypto ecosystem. With great power though comes great responsibility (long live the cliché). People in crypto understand that everything is an investment. Good causes do not emerge and succeed just like that. There has to be flow of money supporting the whole process. And because of the immense growth of crypto, we - crypto heads, now have money to look elsewhere and try to change the world. Those of us that do not sell our crypto for the shitty FIAT scamcoins, therefore avoid the need to tax it, have even more and it’s much easier for us to finally live at least partly as we would in fully decentralized system.

Solar Microgrids


As far as I’m concerned, solar Microgrids are one of the greenest power sources up to date. Truth is that they do not really serve the purpose of fully powering up whichever objects are connected to it (no green power plant does that on its own) and they totally do not cut it as a backup source of power in most parts of the world. They still are a perfect “additional power source”. Actually, since yesterday, I’m contemplating about my possible “solar power options”. Tesla seems still a bit too pricey for my budget, but I’m slowly getting there therefore creating some kind of plan is totally not out of place! I live in central Europe, but there are some parts that literally sunbath throughout the whole year, therefore solar grids there would be off totally different efficiency. Which leads me to…


The Sun exchange

The Sun exchange is a services that I discovered just few days ago. The most important thing from my point of view is that they are using Bitcoin (that’s why I found it ín the first place:D) to transfer the wealth into Africa. As the name implies, with the transferred wealth they are setting up solar power plants across several nations in order to power up schools, villages etc. The most epic part about the whole project is the fact that it is not complete charity. By your support you do not just give the wealth away, but you hire the solar plants, that will in exchange net you some money. If the BTC fires to the moon one doesn’t necessarily need to profit from it, but it’s unlikely that one would lose a lot. It really depends on the market. The point is though that we - crypto heads, have the possibility to do what most of the wealthy ones refuse to do. We can support electrification of poor African territories efficiently, therefore, for us, affordably just by using a decentralized system.


Up until now this is the BEST physical Blockchain project I have ever encountered. As I said in the beginning, to me this feels like perfect example of "ancap effect". It proves that Blockchain truly is without limits and that setting up a project that helps a lot of people, while morally and financially incentivizes the supporters is TOTALLY POSSIBLE. I truly believe that decentralization is THE WAY and as such will be supported however my budget allows.

100 KW Solar Micro-grid | Ha Makebe, Lesotho

Words are words and actions are actions. Unfortunately I have missed the pre-sale of the Ha Makebe crowd-sale, but I patiently am waiting till it opens again. I just hope that it will not happen “overnight” because I really am motivated to participate in what I believe is right. Feel free to check out the project’s site for more info. So tell me, who will be waiting with me?:)

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@solarcoach will partner with The sun exchange to recycle upvotes in solar energy.


That is awesome! Ÿour blog inspired me to investigate the matter more deeply:)

In my country we have sun whole year round. Its perfect for solar energy. I live in Malaysia.


Thats perfect! Are you thinking about tesla too then? It would probably be even better in your situation.