Restoring Our Energy

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We all leave a lot of messages to the universe, knowing or not knowing. Every move we make, every subject we talk to, our thoughts, and even the things we live or work in, we have an energy. We look forward to our wishes. When it will be? How is it going to be? These questions go through every idea in every corner of our minds. When we don't have any wishes, we regret it.

We shouldn't think about what we want. We have to add negativity to any thought. We have to put negativity on a movement. We all have energy. We all have a spiritual power. Some of us are using it. Some of us don't use it.

As people move away from our energies, for example on holidays, people are more full of joy. Then our energy is fulfilled. In fact, some of the holidays we have to be exhausted, while we are intertwined with nature, our energy is increased by the interaction of natural energy.

If we are not at home or when we are at home, we must at least 3-5 minutes per day. Imagine how many minutes a person cannot spend five minutes a day, who knows how long he can live.

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