Higher Creational Source Codes | De-Tachment. (future)Attachment | Orion Sirian Activation 6.12.2020

www.nilaaya.com/michaelwhitefeather | www.light-walkers.org | Michael WhiteFeather | Engine 1144 | New Earth Harmonics | Higher creational source codes to clear & de-activate all ill intent energies - lower space, , activating higher space, severing from lower lesser timelines / aspects beliefs habits stress tension anxiety pains aches fears anger etc etc.. all programs emf symptoms etc etc..

De-Activating from the Matrix Codes
Forward Attachment Creation
Dome / Merkaba programming
Cosmic Surgery guided by the Orion's and the Sirians
Sonic re-orientation of physical (body-mind memory) mental, biological, chemical ....

Be ready for profound instant manifestation when listening or after
MAKE SURE you are hydrated more than u would do regularly, these activations or attunements will keep working for some days, some may feel it instantly, some later and some much later, it will be felt though
**BE AWARE dont drive or operate a chainsaw.. its hypnotising ***

This needs your undivided intent and attention, your intent is key in anything really. Where you reside consciously is essential. Who are you ? Who is receiving these codes, who is doing is there any doing or just receiving what is already there for you? Yes you are consciously stepping into ur true power, ur true nature, you are already all u need to be, now assist the body and totally surrender so it can catch up with you... These codes and tones are not just my sounds, they're ours, they activate exactly that which is now ready to be activated, it is for everyone, each will take / receive from it what is theirs..

some side effects may occur after listening, little blood loss in urine or stool, its normal, also nosebleed can occur rarely, mostly it does not. It is a sign of rapid change taking place, flushing out all the garbage and toxins etc. One can feel sluggish for a day or 2 or sometimes more, stiffness, sleep is good, the more u sleep the better as we do most of the balancing work while we sleep..rest if guided so, listen to the body, !!
it will affect the whole system so it can be itchy under arms or other places, hot cold experiences drink lots of water !!
the blood loss is a sign of effectiveness, garbage is being flushed out immediately

This is a Sirian activation by one of my aspects that was / is an Artist of Genetics on Sirius B, his / my name is Grie (like Agree but without the "A")

These sessions are meant to inspire you to activate your voice, your sounds, beyond the mind beyond what is cool or silly, no labels just streaming consciousness .. To use your vibrations through sound / toning / spoken sounds / light language / soul talk etc .. movement of body hands etc..

With your own sounds and language you are designing your Merkaba which serves as a shield if you will but not from that need of a shield, its a dome around you that is created by you and no one but you can penetrate that field, meaning busting it or entering your energy, sucking you etc etc.. it keeps out implants and all other negative thought forms out there, we dont need to protect our selves, we need to create a dome that is "solid" hahahah thats funny ..a "matter" of speech lol .. meaning it is fully designed and active, its you that embodies the source of creation that you are.. An energy field is always formed when we have thoughts emotions feelings memories desires based on fears hope anxiety guilt shame insecure shyness etc etc .. So you are always maintaining the dome you see ? Now do it consciously, meaning be aware and spend time and INstruct your reality, you are the INstructor, dont give that power to anyone else and or old ways of thinking reacting speaking believing engaging in 3d conversations etc. !

want to learn how to be the Master you always were ? Direct message me or email me [email protected]
wake up the magician in your self, what i can do you can do too ♥
Embodiment Activations. "New Earth Harmonics for Conscious - Sacred Relations | Super consciousness | Calibration for sacred -divine unions within self and couples | to clear any resistance patterns and any self sabotaging patterns that takes us into density, into old paradigm ways of being and communicating. soon magic is the norm

Please share this FREE work / service, and comment your experiences, you might help someone else in the process 🙏

If these transmissions resonate with you in any way then please consider to contribute 1,44 euro (unlimited views), as we believe in 1 for All and All for 1 .
Be 1 of All that is 1 for All and become part of someone else's transformation, healing or whole-ing if u will, and so, be part of creating abundance for all, a beautiful new earth.

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All music and Art by ME WE.. Michael WhiteFeather

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