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imageElectricity is a series of physical phenomena associated with the presence and flow of electrical charges. Electricity generates a variety of commonly known effects, such as lightning, static electricity, electromagnetic induction and electric current. The existence of electricity can also cause and receive electromagnetic radiation such as radio waves. In electricity, the charge produces an electromagnetic field which is carried to another load. Electricity arises as a result of some types of physics: electric charges: the nature of some subatomic particles that determine electromagnetic interactions. The electrically charged substance produces and is influenced by electromagnetic fields of the electric field (see electrostatis): the type of simple electromagnetic field generated by the electric charge at rest (hence no electric current). The electric field produces a force to another charge of electrical potential: the electric field capacity to perform work on an electrical charge, usually measured in electric current volts: the displacement or flow of electrically charged particles, usually measured in electromagnetic amperes: Movable charge produces a magnetic field. Electric current generates magnetic fields and changes in magnetic fields generates electric current In electrical engineering, electricity is used for: electric power used to switch electronic equipment related to electrical circuits involving active electrical components such as vacuum tubes, transistors, diodes and integrated circuits Electrical phenomena has been studied since ancient times, although theoretical understanding grew slowly until the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Nevertheless, its practical application at the time was still small, until at the end of the 19th century engineers were able to use it in industry and households. The remarkable rapid development of electrical technology is transforming industry and society. The incredibly diverse electric flexibility makes its use almost unlimited like transportation, heating, lighting, telecommunications, and computing. Electric power today is the backbone of modern industrial society.

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