Announcement Regarding Missing Reward Payments

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As most people are aware, the Energi network recently experienced a severe chain split that resulted in problems with the masternode payments not being distributed. On the Energi network, masternode payments are managed by a series of smart contracts. This contract is still collecting the block rewards ( However, the process that manages and facilitates the payments to the owners and the payment rotation has stalled.

There have been many questions from the community about the missing masternode rewards and compensation for node owners. Understand that we will make every effort to distribute these rewards to the appropriate nodes once the problem has been resolved. However we cannot guarantee that it will be possible.

Blockchain technology is still an emerging and maturing industry. Energi is at the cutting edge of it. We are the only network with the exact combination of features and functionality that we offer. As such there are going to be technical issues along the way. This is part of the risk inherent in this emerging industry and this risk is just one of the reasons why we offer such generous staking and masternode rewards.

Energi is an experimental project. This means do NOT expect anything in return and understand the risks of getting involved. Our team will try its best to retrieve and disperse the masternode rewards, but can not guarantee that.

Again, to make it very clear, we are working on a solution to have the real-time payments distributed again and will make every effort to provide the missing rewards to the masternode owners if possible. But everyone needs to understand there is no guarantee that we will be able to make those payments retroactively.

Remember that Energi's treasury model allows us to pay for the resources needed to address and resolve complex technical issues better than many other projects. This is a huge advantage to us in situations like this. Technical issues are not going to threaten the integrity or longevity of Energi. Instead, each issue we experience provides an opportunity to identify a weakness and develop a solution. With each issue we overcome, we are building a stronger, more robust, and more resilient network for the future.

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