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RE: Evidence of The Globalists' Plans

Once again, fantastic Article. You do provide great info and this is alone that line. I am curious how much longer it is going to take before they move us into cashless crypto (FedCoin or whatever else). I have other digitals but I am curious how this will screw us with these other Cryptos. I am sure they will find a way to do that.

Thanks again
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@revelationquotes Many thanks for resteeming this! 👍

It is like asking to time the markets, but the globalists documents do provide certain deadlines that we can use as guides - the G20 announced their deadline by 2025 for digital connections; You already know about agenda 2030; the Economist had forecasted 2018 for the world's new currency; and there are other specific deadlines such as the IMF's quotas (which fell behind schedules) set back to a grace period for the year 2019.

Over the years I can sense the pace increasing - it feels like they are racing against an event(s) - perhaps civil unrest or market collapse... But the policy planners are very patient and methodical, in the past I saw them as less concerned about dates because sometimes grassroots opposition derails their plans and the next generation will have forgotten, and then policies are reintroduced and implemented when the opposition has died from old age and the new education curriculum has mind wiped the issue away.