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Bloodletting patients, as a medical treatment, was a practice dating back to ancient Greece. This consisted of extracting blood from the patient to balance the "humours" of his body, whose imbalance was supposed to be the cause of the diseases. At the end of the second millennium and with the appearance of modern medicine tests, it was shown that its use caused more harm than good, and could even cause death. The most notable victim of this procedure was President George Washington who died after being bled three times.

Start of the story.
Dr. LeBrón was a traditionalist doctor and defender of bloodletting even at the end of the 20th century. He had a large family and one of his sons, Robert, also studied medicine. The visions and paradigms of both were opposite. Robert said that bloodletting was a useless and dangerous method and his father defended it vigorously.

The youngest child in the family began to experience fatigue, shortness of breath, and swelling in his hands and legs. For LeBrón the solution was obvious. the sangria Not for Robert. He feared that this procedure would end up killing his brother. The reality was that the boy had a very low hemoglobin and the bleeding was going to cause his death. Worst. The one who had the power of decision was the father. Robert had to do something.

Robert very well knew that low hemoglobin caused the body to produce more white blood cells than usual due to the low iron levels. "Blood letting is surely going to kill my beloved brother" he thought to himself. Robert decided to convince his father. He did thorough research showing the cause of low hemoglobin levels and various treatments that were less dangerous than blood letting. He presented to his father who was not moved in anyway and went as far as throwing the research in the trash bin.

Robert thought of other ways to convince his father but none of the ideas seemed convincing enough. He talked to his mother about an idea he felt would work and asked her to back him up so as to convince the dad. The mother loved her children dearly and agreed. He approached his father and told him he just needed only one week to use his idea and if it worked then blood letting would not be an option. His father allowed on condition that if his brother's health got so bad then he would immediately do the procedure.

The idea was to feed his brother iron rich foods for all his meals as his health was monitored. The foods Robert proposed included red meat, eggs, beans, green vegetables and others. The father saw that all these were easily available therefore he gave a go ahead. The mother stocked the house and kitchen with the foods and started preparing the meals deliciously and served her son.

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On the third day, Robert's brother awoke with high levels of energy and was not feeling fatigued and tired. The father took to the clinic to carry out tests. He was shocked when he found that the hemoglobin levels had risen and his son's health had generally improved greatly. He told his son not to do any strenuous activities yet till the end of the week as they observed him. He called Robert and praised his work. He was very impressed with his son.

By the end of the week, his son was very fine. Robert at last sighed with relief because no blood letting would happen. The family celebrated and Robert's father started turning to him for advise before considering blood letting as he had heard that some patients had over bled and passed on due to blood letting.



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I really liked the ending of your story. It's very well researched.

It is very enjoyable and pleasant to read and has a very well rounded development.
I am happy with your participation and hope to see you again in the next edition.

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