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Great work as always @wafrica


It is so fun to invest in human capitalin Africa!

Altruism is a lie because when you give unearned help to people you steal skills from them, you TAKE potential skills from them! isnt that pretty evil? Imagine you start paying some steemian get him addicted to your free money them he never learns any of his own skills and then when the welfare run out one day, he starves to death in the streets because he never learned any skills... , its tragic, but once you KNOW this you CANNOT hurt people in this way! So we MUSt be careful of this and PLAN ACCORDINGLY!

My idea to ALWAYS find profit off helping others is THE ONLY way we can sustain this business Do not ALlow GUILT from weird organizations like a certain organization cloud our judgement!

Riding the steme wave is not enough! we all must work hard in the internet outside of steem to MARKET and DLIVE stream VIDEOS on youtube theres SO MUCH WORK for WAfricans!

I will use free market self interest rationalthinkingto provide jobs to everyone in Ghana and Nigeria will follow. @yensesa can provide a program which caneducate all children in the countryon $4 smartphones

we can add a Ledger nano hw1 chip micro SD style and make it a crypto currency phone for Africa and using Steem SMts and EOS airdrops we can do an Initial Phone Offering and actually provide these phones to people in exchange for them using preloaded @esteemapp or @steepshot set to give extra beneficiaryt rewards to allow us toPAy for the phne lieka sortof steemsubscriptin servcie so they just posta nd we deducttheir phoens cost plusthe prfit we need tobuy backour COIN, from their own beneficary rewards, so they posty, we automatciualy deduct from theri rewards,anduse it topay off theirphpne and makemoney for the stakeholders whoown teh SMT. You can makeit soyou have topost fromone of thsoephoens to GET teh SMTtoo maybe? hahaha it canbe so cool man!

Nice job, that's a blessing. greeting


Thank you dear.

@wafrica wafrica community is doing amazing work.. #wafrica


Yeah we are.

A million thanks to @wafrica community for this humanitarian service. It takes love and passion to do this. Sometimes, even the government seems to care less about these displaced people.. God bless this @wafrica team.


God bless you too.

Something new And Special dude. 😊😊 Its a @good idea ☺☺ @Wafrica 😊

Thanks for coming to our aid. This project will truly change things.

Excellent work a great project many success @wafrica

This is truly great
Go bless people by your kind act
Blockchain is the truest government


Thanks mike.

country in wafrica that is very kind hearted. who want to care about the poor. and people who can't. I myself was touched to be familiar with youth wafrica ....

Good work.
I support it.
Thanks for sharing sir @wafrica
And also thanks for resteem sir @surfyogi.

Very special dude

@humanheart witness supports this project 100% percent, we have donated 6$ to help you accomplish it.

Great work...