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The CryptoStorm Fund starts working on the VIZ.World project, the public Telegram channel is created, GitHub is launched and work is gradually organized.

What is VIZ?

VIZ is fork Steem with fundamental changes in the economy and the vision of the future of social blockchain systems. The development was initiated by the @CryptoStorm fund, the justification of the fork:

Is the new fork only for Russian-speaking users like Golos? 

No. Despite the fact that the initiative group is Russian-speaking, VIZ aims to become a multi-lingual blockchain system. All publications will be gradually translated into English and laid out in Steem. 

What is the difference from Steam?

Changes in the economy and the positioning of VIZ as a platform for applications. The absence of the initial client, as the main entry point for users, the formation of a protocol for working with data structures. It’s possible to create a separate application for users on the VIZ.World domain only in a year after the launch of the blockchain system. Developers who want to start developing an application based on the blockchain system are the target audience of VIZ.World. It can be a client to chess, an attempt to make an open editor of tables on a blockchain or an application for acquaintances - the main thing is to be able to work in the sandbox on an equal footing with other developers. Get answers to questions, manuals and tools for development.

Equal conditions are a very important point that is possible only with a fixed inflation of tokens in the blockchain system. Any other model, for example, faded inflation even in a rapid analysis shows a pyramid.

That’s why it was decided to make a fixed annual inflation of 10%.

Another very important difference is the additional system of self-management of the blockchain system by the holders of the tokens. Committee.

What is the committee?

The idea was borrowed from BitShares where workers create an application for work in the interests of the blockchain system, and the committee in the person of the holders of the tokens votes for the pay of work. More information about the principles of the committee’s work can be found in the documentation for BitShares. Of course, this is a very important point for the self-organization of the community. The initial release will include the fund of the committee, and the first major task in VIZ is to design and provide its work.

Where will inflation be directed to?

• 15% - to the Committee;

• 15% -to Delegates for supporting the infrastructure of the blockchain system;

• 40% - to Holders of VIZ Shares;

• 5% - to the Curators;

• 25% - Fund of awards (content producers).

Table with an inflationary model by years.


How to exclude the seizure of power over the launched blockchain system by large whales? 

According to our calculations, with an equal initial distribution of tokens it’s necessary to limit the number of votes for delegates. In VIZ this restriction will be equal to 2 votes.

A conspiracy of delegates? Will they take the top with solidarity and no one will break into the top 19?

VIZ will be advantageous to differ from Steem or Golos in this regard. There will be only 10 top delegates and 11 support delegates. The signature of the blocks will be equivalent to the contribution and their signature will alternate. More details you can find in the issue on GitHub.

How are you going to deal with bots and copy-paste from the Internet?

The blockchain system is not someone’s property, it doesn’t have a main owner. This chain of blocks and the information stored in it can’t be changed. Only individual applications or clients to the social blockchain system can make a decision about the admissibility of any information that they display to users. Filtering bots or parts of content is entirely their responsibility area, not the blockchain system.

Is it necessary to fight with the sale of upvotes?

As social blockchain systems contain economic impetuses in the form of mini-games for supervising and producing content, it isn’t advisable to limit the participants in the network to sell or buy energy for voting. To provide the system with a free market for energy trading, it was decided to set the parameter 100 full-fledged votes per day (in Steam this parameter is 10, in Golos it’s equal to 40).

With what will be the main VIZ token provided?

With the evaluation of the accomplish work for the benefit of ecosystem of the VIZ blockchain system. Every month the fund will evaluate the overall capitalization of the token and publish information on its blog.

Big deal with the price of the token. Any baked asset in any case is traded on the exchange more! Checkmate! Greetings from SBD and GBG!

There won’t be a bent asset in VIZ. The value and overall capitalization of the blockchain system will depend entirely on the main token without adding an additional asset to a possible speculative valuation.

Where will the token be traded?

Now only decentralized exchanges. Currently it’s BitShares.

Who will launch the blockade itself?

The fund only participates in the development and modernization of software in the form of the Steem blockchain system. We won’t run or participate in the launch of VIZ. The Fund will publish a snapshot on the evaluation of each contribution to the system. The community organizes itself and delegates will launch the VIZ lock-up if a consensus is reached in understanding and accepting the snapshot.

Providing value is the main task in such an endeavor. According to the problem of initial distribution, a consensus must be found on the evaluation of each contribution to the system. Therefore, the CryptoStorm fund will soon launch a window for donations. Subscribe to and - we’re waiting for a lot of interesting things.

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