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For information about the (former) Utopian project please read the latest official announcement


Hi @utopian-io, Anyone with an Internet-connected computer has benefited directly or indirectly from open source software. Usually free and open source software is built and maintained by volunteers who, more often than not, do not get paid for their work.

So we must support @utopian-io Indiegogo Campaign to build Utopian Colony to link open source projects with contributors and provide people with financial incentives to contribute to free and open source software

This is a screenshot from my Facebook

An this is from my twitter

And this is my steemit post it is on Arabic language for the Arab steemians :

Utopian has my 100 percent support. I can't wait for another task supporting this glorious project. Indiegogo to the moon.

I'm so happy to see this dream coming through. I vow and promise to show all my support for @utopian-io on promoting indiegogo.

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