My blog will change the language.

in en •  19 days ago

Hello everyone.

Welcome to a new phase of my blog.
And yes, I will change my content to english because we all can see a thing: Portuguese and other languages don't make money and we can't get "famous" or something like that.

I feel a thing: no one sees or really read my content and that's is kinda sad because I really study the series I watch and review here. For now, I sorry for my bad english and writing, that's not my first language and I'm not fluent but I am really trying to do my best.


About the blog agenda: Two Tuesday in a month I will try to bring a review about a movie or tv series and Thursday I'll try to bring something about my interest like history, news



Eu só queria agradecer a todos que me ajudaram a continuar no steemit mesmo estando desanimado, pois cada vez mais percebia que o meu tipo de conteúdo era desvalorizado na plataforma por dois motivos: estar em uma lingua estrangeira pouco conhecida aqui no steemit e por trazer um conteúdo onde a comunidade brasileira ainda é muito nova e não se interessa muito por esse assunto.

Eu ocasionalmente tentarei trazer algum conteúdo em português, mas será algo bem raro, porquê sinceramente me sinto bem desanimado. A maior parte do meu feedback, mesmo meu conteúdo sendo em português, é de pessoas que só entendem inglês e usam o google tradutor. Isso é meio decepcionante já que eu recebo mais apoio de pessoas que nem entendem a minha língua.

Eu agradeço a todos que gostavam do meu conteúdo e liam ele em português, mas meio que fui obrigado a fazer essa mudança. Obrigado do meu coração, e aqueles que sabem ler inglês, espero que vocês continuem me apoiando.

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While this could be a more beneficial move for your account's future, as well as yours, I will continue to support your content regardless of the language. Keep up the hard work!


Thanks for the support and the feedback. You are the one who made me stay in Steemit more than I expected.


Don't give up. I've been on here for two years, and while I had my moments of discouragement and many doubts, I'm where I am now.

The beauty in Steemit is that there's really nothing you can't write about. Feeling low? Put those thoughts into a post, monetise those negative thoughts, and others, I'm sure, will see them. You'll only integrate yourself into the community more.

Anyone that doesn't have a massive following or Steem count in the thousands has been hit very hard by this bear market, but what you have to remember is that cheaper prices means easier accumulation. Use this to your advantage, keep posting, try it even daily, and raise that account value!

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