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En realidad, deseo lo mejor para este proyecto, tengo fe ... es una iniciativa que nos asegura una cadena de bloques para su difusión masiva y adopción más amigable ..! Gracias @anomadsoul por ayudar ..!

I am excited about the prospects of this initiative. The onboarding of new users is essential to the motivation and retention as they enter into the community. Since I am hesitant to let go any of my STEEM, I just sent a backing via PayPal for $250. Let me know if you have issues with receipt of said payment. I look forward to seeing how the project develops and how I can continue the support.

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Thank you so much! We really appreciate the huge support! We will get in touch with you over discord or soon to get sorted out the details of the rewards. Again, thanks do much for believing in the project and putting your trust in us, we won't disappoint.

what a nice project I am finding here. I will be making my small donation soon through this link. I personally wish the best of the best to you guys @anomadsoul, @coruscate and the rest of the team that is already growing.

This will be very useful, specially here in my Panamanian community.


DONE! guys, a small contribution that adds up!

I absolutely love this idea. I will definitely be supporting this initiative! It's exactly what is needed to help Steemit flourish. More people with more long-term vision. More stickiness to help people learn the ropes quickly and painlessly.

I have some ideas to support the success of the project too. :-)


Wow, thank you SO much for your support and for backing our Fundition campaign!

We would love to chat with you about your ideas for the project. I’ll send you a message.


Great! Looking forward to learning more about the project.

We really need this, it still takes almost two weeks to get an account..... Even after HF-20 🙃

With pleasure. I will always support you because we are one family

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