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very good posts. keep on being big brother

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Hi @sharil

  • Could you provide more details and proven record about your organization?
  • How will this help to support orphan to learn about the flight training?
  • When and where will your organisation get in touch with orphans? Photos of such occasion is recommended.
  • Once you had the fund, when will the "Flight Pilot Class Tuition" take place?
  • Please list out the details materials, equipment's and knowledge that your organization will share with the orphans using the simulator.

Thank you.


Hello Mr. @legendchew, you can,follow our activities about aeroplane project and flight simulator that we built by our handmade and creativity.

This project quite simple actually, we want :-

  • build and create 3 more real pilot simulator for class room.

  • rent office space / studio area to put the simulator

  • deliver aeroplane pilot subject to children on how to handle aeroplane with real situation, by understand fundamental:-

  1. take off and landing
  2. how to set up auto pilot
  3. simple mathematics and science of aeroplane

*class schedule in sunday

Kindly subscribe our activities in Youtube