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Dear Venezuelan doctors! It's nice that you try to help children with cancer but I don't understand why are you giving them meat to eat?! It's dead & toxic & it can only make them even more sick?!

Are you also giving them chemotherapy & radiation treatment?! If yes, you're killing them. ALL WRONG!

It is proven already that oncology can hardly help patients with cancer BUT THERE ARE PROVEN METHODS OF TREATING CANCER: CBD / THC CANNABIS OIL & STRICT VEGAN RAW DIET

There are scientific proves for what I'm writing!

There are alternative clinics all around the world where cancer is successfully treated - especially in Russia! Cannabis is growing everywhere around the world & everywhere the CBD / THC oil is made! Invest this money in real treatment!

When you cure the children, you will not need to build them a dining room!

There is also genoderma lucidum - a medicinal mushroom brought to us by the Chinese traditional medicine! Order & buy that on Internet & apply to children!


I gave you a few $ for support cause you're at least trying to do something but rethink about what & HOW you do it! Explore the cannabis oil, Russian clinics & genoderma lucidum & start the new treatment!

Wow! great step. I dreamt of this early today. Fundition supporting #heavenbread and @Steemchurch-love project. We will succeed. Congratulations @Sc-v for this well-deserved support.

Amen, my brother @uyobong, always supporting good works.

my blessings and support for this sc-v project

With much faith and hope Darlenys to bring this light to those beautiful children.

Greetings sister God bless you great work this count on my support.

Thank you with all my heart, now more than ever, all united to light up with the love of Jesus!

Wonderful project, a real project, with indescribable experiences that enriches us as a human being.

Blessings and my congratulations for this great leap, is destined to success all my support @darlenys

God bless this noble cause @ sc-v and grant all the resources for this dining room in children the cancer patients

The mercy of God is on Venezuela, and God has chosen noble, genuine hearts to carry this mission, Darlenys God with you.

This beautiful project deserves the collaboration of all, live the children of Venezuela and the world. Thanks @darlenys01.

I'll definitely support, I hope my little upvotes goes a long way

Thank you my dear brother, remember that in the union is strength, our fidelity to God's plans is what counts, we value your support very much. God bless you.

My unconditional support for such a laudable project @ cs-v
God supplants according to his riches in glory

God bless you @sc-v the Lord said that the kingdom of heaven is of children

The support is being channelled to right people. More supports are coming.

All my support for this project @ sc-v my prayers to the father so that everything is added every day

Excellent project God bless you @ sc-v

Excellent my apostle, God will honor your work, virtuous woman, pride of Venezuela, children deserve all this work and this love.

My blessings and all my support for this noble project @ sc-v, may God supply all needs

Beautiful project @sc-v all my affection and support for this noble cause.

United for love of children and Jesus!

My support for this noble cause @sc-v, God bless and supply all the necessary resources to realize this project.Thanks Darlenys.

Good project Apostle Darlenys, I am praying for all the great project that has steemchurch and the parishes!

Cute project for these children with cancer @sc-v
God bless this project greatly

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