What to do before the exam

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Every human encountered the examinations in his life. We are talking about school or course exams. Those who deal with the test are excited every time, and this does not want to enter. Even the coldest people can feel the pressure and give the wrong answers under stress. Exams accelerate restlessness, heart rate, breathlessness in some cases. These adverse effects can be seen especially in recent days. Some things to do before the test are all that way!

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What should he do before the test?
Time passes quickly and the exam day is approaching. Stress and panic are rising. A person who thinks that other participants or students are better prepared than themselves and does not have a chance for that, means that the test starts 1-0. At the same time, these thinkers also trigger stress. For this reason there are some things that can be done before the exam and during the exam to prevent failure, stress and tension! Here is the most important ...

First of all, self-confidence. Self-confidence is the key to almost everything. Failure with self-confidence can result from fear.
Regardless of the content of the exam, you have to work on the exam the night before. Until recently, giving something to your brain to remember could cause all information to be lost.
The body and mind must be rested 1 or 2 days before the examination. A tired body is stretched and failure can be inevitable.
A hot shower should be taken before sleeping the test the night before. The shower will help you relax.
The right time and the right place should be chosen for a healthy sleep. Sleeping by trying to get away from any negative thinking is an important step for success.
Before the test, you have to avoid morals, people you do not like and motivations or TV programs that break up conversations. Saying positive things to your loved ones will increase your morale and motivation and make you successful.
If you take the university exam, you need to know the exact location of the exam. Finding and learning a school to be tested a few days before the exam will prevent address search stress and late exam days.
Care must be taken to ensure that the clothing to be worn on the day of inspection is prepared in advance and that these clothes are comfortable and comfortable.
Before the day of the exam, it is necessary to avoid fatty, heavy and very cold foods that will cause metabolism to react that day.
It is important to take test morning and morning traffic, just before the house.
Because of the excitement and stress in the exam, one's mouth may dry up. So it is necessary to enter with water. But do not drink too much water. Light foods such as chocolate, biscuits and nuts that can be energized next to the water can also be consumed during the test.
If you get tense just before the exam, take a deep breath. Try to calm down by repeating it several times.
Make sure that your personal information is written correctly on the exam papers when you start the exam.
Do not check the time continuously during the exam. This increases your stress and leads to loss of time.
Focusing on the same question for a long time is a waste of time. If you get caught up in a question, go to another question. Then look again at the questions you have jumped.
Take a short break when you live in the place where your attention is scattered. Doing breathing and eye exercises will help you regain your attention.

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