How should we talk about fascism?

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"Fascism" soon became a key word in politics again. The headlines following Donald Trump's election as prime minister of the US seemed like an annoying question-and-answer session.

Newsweek newspaper "Donald Trump is a fascist?" Asked. The Washington Post newspaper responded with the title "Donald Trump is really fascist." But then, to explain something better, "Donald Trump How Fascist?" He elaborated. By the way, Hall attended the "Donald Trump a true admiration" idea.

What is "fascism"? They left the question open. This problem, like Nazism and Fascism, is a unique and controversial history.

II. II. The definition of what was considered Nazism and fascism after World War II was an urgent task facing the allied managers and lawyers in Germany and Italy.

An examination of these issues and their effects can help us understand how we talk, how we should think before speaking, and how we perceive the perception of today's fascism.


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The Nazis are on trial

The Allies accused a large number of Nazi leaders for a series of war crimes in Nuremberg in 1946. Historical transcripts show hot debates about the Nazis in a country where 8.5 million people are affiliated to the Nazi party. Neither the German state nor the German public were condemned collectively in Nuremberg. However, some Nazi organizations were considered guilty.

The judges executed the executions separately. All 24 political and military officials were tried and ten of them were hanged.

The last session of Adolf Eichmann brought individual responsibility for collective responsibility. Eichmann was a high-ranking Nazi official, and in 1960 the court decided to die. He was executed in 1962. For years it was said that Eichmann's court tried to personalize what the Nazis did.

The judges chose Eichmann as chief culprit when rejecting the existence of the remaining Nazi criminal mechanisms. As in the post-war period, balancing individual responsibility and collective responsibility was a complicated and disturbing process.

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