@familyprotection APPROVES of this Fund Raiser.

Let's help this loving mother get her precious daughter back HOME where she belongs!

thank you , thank you :)

Maya! I support you in this fund raiser.

You deserve your daughter back home.
Your daughter certainly deserves to be with her mother and brother.

I updated the fundition, and I wasnt sure where to put a comment, lol, so here I am THANKING everyone who has donated, and tell you all that whatever you have in your life going on, as hard as it seems, to find that community and the support that you need to make your goal successful, or even just to vent, for me, its also to being awareness to Child Protection in Canada, especially the Ministry of Children and Families (aka- MCFD) in BC. I will never stop this publicity, for my daughter, and for the others who deserve to have their families back! thanks

thank you for taking the time to post this, thank you to #Familyprotection and I really really appreciate any help that is generated, the people who have followed and supported me, this means the WORLD to me, and my family, family is everything! kids are life :)

I will be behind you in any way I can. You deserve your daughter back!.

I want to help, but can't till a payout tomorrow. It won't be much and will need to be here on Steemit as I avoid logging in on other platforms. I am sorry you have been dealing with this, how heartbreaking for all of you. I will continue to send a little on a regular basis and hope it can help you get your retainer.

thank you

Wish you all the best in getting your daughter back and don't ever stop fighting for her.
Sending prayers dear @mayaabb

Let us know how we can get involved and support this cause!


What great injustices we live every day. Fortunately there are organizations that lend their support to these noble causes.
The children deserve our support and dedication.

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