Announcing Our Proxy Voter:

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Incentivizing More Building is excited to announce the launch of our proxy: will have one goal: to incentivize and encourage more tech to be built on EOS. We will vote for action!

Why proxy?

Proxy voting is a fascinating solution for the majority of voters. Not all EOS holders have the time or bandwidth to research which Block Producers (BP) can provide strong infrastructure and add long-term value to the EOS ecosystem. Even after doing proper due diligence, it takes time to constantly re-submit votes in order to prevent vote decay. will be a way for voters to support a subset of BPs that are actively building. Let's be frank: not all Block Producers are created equally and many are unable to sustain their building activities in a market downturn. They need all the votes they can get in order to pay the bills. While we've seen some impressive proxy voters doing great things, will stand out for our pure focus on building.


Who will vote for?

As our proxy account name indicates, we value action over words. will support BPs that are making substantial technical contributions to the EOS ecosystem. BPs that have made such contributions have proven that they have the ability to keep creating awesome products. They should have enough resources to continue building.

We have been talking with other BPs. We have been blown away by the amount time and effort put into building by some of them. will be part of the movement to create an ecosystem where BPs are incentivized to act.

How can you be part of this movement?

For community members:

If you like how we are planning to vote, please consider delegating your votes to
Please show your support for the BPs we have voted for by following them on social media and using their products.

For BPs:

Keep building!

Also, please drop by our telegram group to say hello. We are happy to set up a call to discuss what your team has been working on and future collaboration opportunities.

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I just resteemed your post!

Why? @eosbpnews aggregates updates of active EOS BPs and conveniently serves them in one place!

This service is provided by @eosoceania. If you think we are doing useful work, consider supporting us with a vote :)
For any inquiries/issues please reach out on Telegram or Discord.

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