[Vote] How To Vote Using Scatter

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Here comes new vote guide (https://steemit.com/vote/@eoseoul/vote-campaign-be-a-whale)

Hello we are glad to say that we just developed voting web site.

In there, voters can vote without any security concern because it is fully decentralized by using Scatter.

In this post, you can check how to vote in http://portal.eoseoul.io

Step 1 : Enter Vote Page

Please click the "vote" button in the right upper side of the site (http://portal.eoseoul.io).

스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 4.53.02.png

Step 2 : Create Account

In this step, you will create an EOS account.

  1. please click the "CREATE EOS ACCOUNT?"
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 4.57.41.png

  2. click the "CREATE" button.
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 5.00.37.png

  3. click the "CREATE EOS KEY". After clicking the button, randomly generated Key pairs will be shown. (Please do not enter your own private key at this moment.)
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 5.02.12.png

  4. enter user name, the length of user name should be 12
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 5.06.12.png

  5. Save the private key
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 5.10.29.png
    When you press the button, a text file which contains username, and Key pair information will be downloaded.

  6. Create Account by clicking the "CREATE BUTTON"
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 5.12.54.png

Now you have an EOS account. This step will not be supported after launching main network. (Test net only step)

Step 3: Install Scatter and Create Scatter Account.

  1. You need to install a Scatter Chrome Extension.
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 6.28.27.png
    Click ‘OPEN SCATTER WEBSITE’ and follow the instruction of Scatter.
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 6.31.00.png

  2. Create a new Scatter Wallet.
    Click the scatter button next to url field of Chrome browser.
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 6.36.20.png
    Create a Scatter account
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 6.42.47.png
    Press Key Pairs
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 6.47.49.png
    Click New Button
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 6.49.46.png
    Fill the input with the EOS account information we have created at step 2
    (tip: Copy the private key and paste it to the private key field. Then public key will be automatically filled.)
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 6.56.22.png
    Then the following screen will be shown.
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 7.00.09.png

Step 4: Configure Scatter

  1. Register Chain Information to Scatter
    press settings button in the upper right then you will see the following screen.
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 7.14.54.png
    Click the "new" button
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 8.50.31.png
    Fill the network information
    tip : copy the chain ID and paste it to the chain ID field.
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 7.51.24.png
    EOS Network Information are in the http://portal.eoseoul.io/votesignup
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 7.54.16.png
    Now the eosnet.eoseoul.io is registered to Scatter
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 7.55.46.png
  2. Connect account to the registered Chain.
    Click the "Identities" button
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 7.07.30.png
    Click the "New" button
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 7.58.10.png
    Fill the chain info and user info appropriately. After that, click the Import button.
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 8.00.04.png
    Click active authority and click "Use Selected Account"
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 8.02.37.png
    click the "Save" button
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 8.05.17.png
    Now, you have created a new identity.
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 8.06.02.png

Step 5: Do Vote

  1. Login through Scatter
  • Press Login Button
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 8.09.10.png
  • Select Identity
  • Click Accept button
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 8.09.50.png
    Now Voting Page comes
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 8.10.26.png
  1. Do Vote
    Pick the Producer you want to vote
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 8.11.21.png
    Press "Vote" and follow the instructions of Scatter.
    스크린샷 2018-05-31 오후 8.13.02.png

Now you have voted to your block producers!

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Jeez it's still so long winded, i cant see many coping with this. My Mum owns a lot of EOS but she would not be able to use this to vote. Might as well do it via command line, it's simpler! haha. One day we will look back at this and wonder why we thought it was so complicated, but today i still think it is a BIG ask to get voters to do this.


Hello @bodget, do not worry. Only step 5 will be needed after launching mainnet for Scatter users :)