[NEWS] Investment in EOS DApp development project "PLACTAL"

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Hello! We’re EOSeoul, an EOS block producer candidate.

We bring you news of EOSeoul’s first investment. We’ve invested in PLACTAL(https://plactal.io), a mobile game advertisement ecosystem which is Korea’s first DApp development project based on EOS.

This investment is meaningful as we promised before that we will create a cryptofund with our internal funds to invest in DApp developers who positively contribute to the EOS ecosystem.

'PLACTAL' is a block-chain project that provides gamers with game data ownership and the right to utlize game data by tokenizing game data of 2 billion mobile gamers worldwide. Based on this proven data, it is an ecosystem that connects gamers with game advertisers to create a revenue model where this revenue is shared between the data providers and the game advertisers.

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EOSeoul actively searches for DApp developers who positively contribute to the EOS ecosystem. We look forward to your continued interest and support.

Thank you.
EOSeoul Team

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