Hope the fundition campaign will be useful . Best of luck bro !

Me too bro, and even if it doesn't I will do my best to find a way!

i hope this campaign success and hope you reach to France safely

Thank you, I know it will, the support from the community is already a success for me!
Thanks for your considerable upvote!

My very best wishes to you and your family. I know your work on the platform and you deserve this help, I understand that feeling and pressure you are into. Resteemed and upvoted.

It's ok, pressure can be good sometimes, it motivates me to bring more to them!

Good luck @edprivat!!! Hope your situation improves in France...

Thanks James!!

Good luck man, I wish you and your family all the best and I know personally what it’s like to be mixed race and be in mixed race relationships which I don’t even think should be a word since I don’t believe in race!

Things are indeed tough in South Africa even though we have come quite far and I’m also thinking it may be time for me to move on!

Hope you reach your goal

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Especially the colored community here has its own culture, and I don't even speak a word of Afrikaans, so we even struggle a bit to reach out to them, and they very often don't consider us as colored if you see what I mean.
As I say I love this country very much, that's where I met my wife after all, but the fact is, I've had enough of watching my back, or praying for nothing to happen when I come back from work at 11pm, and for my family to be safe when I am at work.
We wanna come back once we settled and sorted out, but in different conditions.
Thanks for your moral support!

Hopping you and your family will arrive in France safely.

Thank you so much !

Hey bro, I don't understand what the #fundition project is because I'm new to the ecosystem steem. However, I see that you need the support of many people. I will support you dude

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Fundition is a crowd funding platform, if you have a project, people can back you up.
Thanks for the support it's very much appreciated!

I'm just a guitarist who likes to play melodic lines, maybe someday I'll submit a proposal to @fundition to make a charity concert , btw thanks for following me. God Bless you buddy

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I wish my 100% upvote was like @ocd voting your posts so that you can get reasonable payout.

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me too, it's ok I will find my own way if it doesn't work, I will sell everything, even my guitar If I have to!

I read your fundition post Ed, and I will send something to your wallet. Get your family out of that place as soon as possible. Hopefully France will turn out much better for you.

Thanks so much, really appreciated :)

Godspeed my friend. I know you will make it. If you need anything please shout!✌ In Austria you have a house too!.

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We really want to see Ed get his way on this. I hope we can harness @ARTzone and MULA and many different things to help him make this dream a reality very soon!