Help Save Akuchi s Life

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My friend is Akuchinyere Nwagbara and she has been diagnosed with Cushing's Syndrome and needs Adrenalectomy surgery. Cushing's Syndrome is caused by the hyperproduction of the cortisol hormone. Hormones are only needed in minute quantities and overproduction by the glands usually leads to complications, many times causing drastic changes as is the case with Akuchi.

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Trail upvoted. Resteemed. Speedy recovery to her.

Very nice initiative! Wish I could help her in real! I will support her for sure!

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This is really touching .... I've released my little support for her. I pray she find more people to help in this journey. I'm touched.

Engr. Samest


Thank you @Samest.

God will save her and may she find favour in the sight of men too....God bless you djoi...

100% upvote ... wish her all the best and speedy recovery.

I think this is the post you are mentioning @djoi ?
We wish her well.

Best regards
Dailybread foodbank

Wish her speedy recovery

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