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The vision of the future

The world of blockchain technologies is changing daily. Everything is evolving. Work with data, their structure, ways of operation and interaction of users and robots. The world of technology is moving towards futurological utopias despite the opposition of entrenched dogmas. Blockchain increasingly finds its application in places where different sciences didn’t imagine the need for. It penetrates step by step into our life and this technological evolution will occur in the next decade.

Goals of the fund

Open development of blockchain technologies. Development of interfaces for interaction with public use chains. MIT license for open source developed within the framework of the fund. Search for optimal conditions for the equal use of sandboxes (like Steem) for developers of decentralized applications.

Creation of the protocol for the formation of data structures and work with them in social blockchain systems. Development of open clients for users of social block systems.

Priority chains for the work of the fund: Steem, VIZ, EOS.

Public Activities

• The Fund undertakes to publish new developments under the MIT license in the public GitHub;

• The Fund undertakes to publish reports on its work in social blockchain systems;

• The Fund undertakes to publish financial reports in social blockchain systems.

The Fund carries out its activity on donations. Some of the received assets are sent to the independent Escrow in order to control target expenditures and work of the fund. 

The fixed assets of the fund are in open blockchain systems and can be valued to a fiat equivalent. If assets can be used in socio-economic blockchain systems, the results of such actions are sent to the fund.

The software of the fund which is located or functions in social blockchain systems can take commission for the use or development and support of additional opportunities;

Assets of the funds are used in the framework of operation: operational costs (servers, services, etc.), payment for employees or piece-rate pay.

The rapid evolution of the blockchain industry can lead to the creation and launch of new chains with new opportunities. It’s impossible to imagine what will happen in the world of blockchain technologies in a couple of years, so, it's worth noting the need to be able to change the goals of the fund and the direction of its activities. That’s why public posts will be published in social blockchain systems and you can get retrospective access to all strategic decisions of the fund.


Fund manager - Anatoly @on1x Piskunov

Redline of the document №1 – Mar 26, 2018

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I confirm my participation in CryptoStorm. For almost a year now I’ve been completely devoting my life to working out and working for the benefit of the blockchain ecosystem. Despite the fact that at the moment GoldVoice is a development with a closed source code, the customer code for the blockchain is open. A lot of new developers, who were assisted in understanding the technology, passed through me, and also some consultations were held on possible developments.

Soon GoldVoice will be fully transferred to the CryptoStorm fund in the form of donation, so as the project will work for the benefit of the ecosystem as a whole (together with the developments for launching a new client to Steem blockchain). I fully admit that some of the developments will be publicly opened in the future under the license of MIT.