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I like your comic page and also the character designs, you need to make this comic happens.

I wish you the biggest juggerducking luck on this project, Bryan :).


Yes!!! Fantastic use of “juggerducking!” You win the internet today!!!

And I will make this comic happen. I’m not even going to let myself think otherwise if I can help it. Eff that doubtin’ juggerduckery!!!

That’s a big reason to get this Fundition campaign started. Completion of a project being financially attainable helps add some forward momentum, and accountability to backers expecting a completed product adds more urgency as well. I think the mental benefits of this crowdfunding will be just as important as the financial!

I enjoyed the Seer series (!) and I am looking forward to your NON-zombie apocalyptic visions :) Also, my respect for your contribution to the comics/art community in Steem. I wish you all the luck with this campaign, and may it give you the results you need and then some!


Thanks so much! Someday in the future, when comics are a full time gig for me, Seer will be revisited and fully told. It's a project that has never left my "to do list." I appreciate the support and encouragement!

Ok folks... we are off to the races! I was home sick the past couple days and this is the project I finally tackled... setting up my first Fundition campaign!

It's a big goal, but I know it's doable and I don't care how long it takes. I'll push it over the finish line single handedly in the end if need be... but I wanted to allow fans and supporters to start accruing some reward tier benefits ASAP, so don't hesitate to get involved.

Also feel free to ask me any questions, and be vocal with good comments, suggestions, and discussion. The more I can reward you back, the more your "heart power" can grow to enable projects like mine and many other deserving recipients on Fundition.

I'll see you soon when I earnestly start updating with tons of behind the scenes content about the incredibly labor intensive making of a comic book!

I like u comic page and also the chracter designs,you need to make this comic happens

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