The Simplest Method of Treatment of a SARS

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If you have felt that you have caught a cold, it is necessary to begin immediately treatment to exclude probability of emergence of complications. Usually, on full treatment of a SARS at the average person 4-8 days and 7-14 days on a complete recovery leave. But we have for you a checked method of treatment of "SARS".

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What for this purpose is necessary?

Lemon, clear water, hot tea.

Process of treatment

1. Drink a 250-500 ml of pure water.
2. Brew tea with boiling water and wait for a slight reduction in temperature to around 80 ° C
3. Slice the lemon peel or scrape by and take slices with drinking hot tea. 

And so we repeat no more than 4-5 times (depends on the water volume which you accept) and each 60-90 minutes, during this time you have to celebrate need.

What short of a method?

Water and tea help to get rid of toxins which develop bacteria, a lemon - a small charge of vitamin C.

 Keep well! Stay healthy! 

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