RSSteem Update #1

in en •  5 months ago  (edited)

Hello everyone and welcome on the first Update post for RSSteem, the bunch of tools made to convert STEEM content into RSS & HTML format !


Before all, thank to all of donators ! i can work on RSSteem and keep this service online & free. Thanks to you !

What's new in this version ?

  • Internationalization : You can now switch between French & English
  • Theme switcher : look into the footer, you can now switch between Light and Dark themes
  • Add new type of tag RSS feed : you can generate a Promoted posts RSS feed

If you want something new, tell me in comments what you want.

Thank you very much and see you soon for the next update ;)

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@bambukah hello, do you have a discord account? I'd love to talk to you about making a deal that could potentially boost the value and utility of RSSteem. The Hobo Media project was thinking about creating a Steem-oriented RSS reader but after discovering that you are already developing one, I would like to communicate with you on ideas we have that could potentially improve RSSteem and make it more profitable for you.

Hello !
Yeah of course, it's bambukah#3750 on Discord ;)

@bambukah hi you have friend invites off. Here is a server you can join and I'll DM you.